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I would get a differential digital cmos gate, and generate a differential 108 mhz signal on the driver board, and then share it differentially with the other boards. Since the differential receiver/gate will have a relatively high impedance, you can load the line at each gate with a resistor placed differentially. OR you can just use the gates fo
Hello All, I have made a PCB Power Amplifier using transistor BLF177, refer to the datasheet this transistor will produce around 150 Watt with supply at 50Vdc. I want to share to you this PCB design, then you can build by your self at home. Firstly you should have the software, I use for this lay out using a Sprint PCB, you can search in goo
for TV 585-698mhz Used for TV broadcast 87.5-108 mhz is used for FM radio broadcasts 3600-10000 Space research, radio navigation
Hi, What is the maximum frequency of NXP 74HC393N?. In Datasheet, the max is 106 mhz. I used it for prescaler, the clock up to 108-110mhz. Can i get bigger frequency?
Why analog modulation, why 108 mhz? You are not allowed to use the FM broadcast frequency for data or private audio transmission, except for very short distance at ?W power, e.g. to feed your radio with recorded sound.
FM is normally 76-108 mhz if same phone should cover FM broadcast for most countries. Actually shown frequency band is limited by localized software. Embedded FM and TV antennas: 2G, 3G: Same multi-resonant antenna should cover 3 -5 frequency bands. Actual used frequency-bands differ in different
ILS localizer system use 108-112 mhz which is a relative narrow span, easily covered with a Yagi antenna. LPD have less gain and directivity for same amount of elements. LPD's can have wider frequency coverage, which is its main advantage compared to a Yagi antenna, but that is of no use for ILS. An array of 10-20 antennas located at the far end of
Put antena on L1. This FM transmitter circuit can be used as a wireless microphone, can be received by an ordinary 88- to 108-mhz FM broadcast receiver. For the power supply, this transmitter circuit is powered by a 9 V battery. To comply with the radiation limit of FCC rules, keep the antenna length under 12 inches. L1 is 6 turns of #24 wire
can anyone help me out with the theory of tent fractal antenna works in 88-108 mhz? really needs help :???:
Hi, im designing a SDR FM receiver (88-108 mhz), but im kind of new at this... so my question is: ***which filter of 88mhz is a good one? or just refer me to the page where i can buy it or give me an option of a good one... ***which low noise amp is a good one? ***which ADC is a good one? or just refer me to the page where i can buy (...)
is there any tutorial design fractal antenna operating at 88-108 mhz using hfss v.11?
Locating a FM transmitter consists of triangulation from at least two points in a territory. From both you find the azimuth angle, the transmitter should be located on the intersection of two-three azimuth lines. As the FM range typically is 88-108 mhz, a standard Yagi and dipoles may not be practical for a field operation. Try to use a loop or do
87.5-108 mhz is standard frequency band for FM radiodifusion called allso FM band or Band II. To receive radio stations in this band you can buy FM receiver or perhaps you allready have one.
It’s a project of recalculate old Technics tuner. Originaly tuner has UKF 65-73 mhz and after retune radio plays bad. No chance for good stereo. Besides it doesn’t display frequency between 88-108 mhz. I removed conve
hi, all. I need realize negative capacitor from 80mhz to 108 mhz by NIC using opamp, the opamp 3-dB bandwidth is 150mhz. But the negative cap can be got under 1.5mhz. Anyone can help to explain why?
Is the power delay profile dependent on the carrier frequency? I have read in many books that the delay spread for outdoor environment is in the order of 1 us. But that is for carrier frequency of around 900 mhz. (cellular communication). I need the power delay profile for FM transmission (88 – 108 mhz. range). Is the delay spread (...)
with my tuner quite high range I can hardly ear two radios if they are closer than 0.2 mhz so 108-88 = 20 mhz 5 radios per mhz gives you maximum 100 radios.
Has anyone an idea where i can find a bandpass filter in fm band range(88-108 mhz) and an IC amplifier working in the shame frequency range?
hi I'm looking for a FM synthethizer working in 80-108 mhz with step 200k please help me , I'm in emergency Regards
I have one project to design Power Spliter ( divider) at FM. I can design divider as Wilkinson with high frequency. At low frequency, I use R,L,C. It given good result (show below Figure ). However I wonder about it. 1> I simulated(ADS) without define Substrate. Like this when schematic with Substrate ( epsilon =4.3, h =1.58) result has change ???