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Hello, I have found this oven controller in an old magazine. I would like to know: 1. can I use 2n2222 instead of 2n3904? 2. My thermistor is 10k instead of 1k. What should my R6 be? (estimation) 3. Can I use 12v instead of 9v in the first section? 4. Can you propose me other modern transistors than 2n5189? 5. How is the oven heated? By the collec
hi.. i am trying to design thermistor in pspice using this equation R= R0 * exp( beta/t- beta/t0) my R0= 10k Beta= 3896 t0 = 25 deg i should find R. how should i write pspice model for this...? My circuit to implement the designed component is 105959105959 thank you
103 means that you have a 10,000 ohm or 10k PTC follow this link and have a table of correspondence between temperature and ohmic value expected for this ntc
I want to measure temperature (NTC 10k) with 10bit ADC and min. resolution 0.1C and range cca 35 to 40 Celsius! I think wheatson bridge and some dif. amplifier will be solution! But have anybody practical (real) solution here? Maybe Microchip MCP601 is good selection of op.amp.? p.s. solution must be low current p.s.2 I will use MCU to c
connect a 1k or 10k pot in place of thermistor and vary the resistance value. at some point circuit becomes healthy, now you can select a new thermistor which provides that resistance value at room temperature.
hello there!! I'm trying to design a thermistor using silicon that can measure temperatures like 10k - 100k.. I've got all the structure and everything right, i've used 'Transport Equations' and 'Energy balance transport equations', so they are dependent on the lattice temperature, but i can't find a way to change temperature of the surrounding.
Why not just use the "sensor NTC 10k0" terminals for your thermistor. The trimmer is used to set the operating range. As its set up, at your wanted temperature your thermistor must be in the range of (120/176) X 10k ohms and (220/56) X 10 K ohms. (6K-> 40K). If your thermistor's resistance at your operating (...)
Hi, This works well - you can make it a 10k trimmer and 4k7 fixed resistor if you want a wider adjustment range. Use a multiturn trimmer for ease of adjustment and stability.
i hav an interview in next week so plz provide a program in assembly which give calculation of adresl & adresh to calculate temperature
R1 ≥ 10k. I_out is depended on the load.
i am using this for my analog oven i am assembling for my project...using a thermistor 10k, i am using the TRISB as output from 0b00000001 excluding PORT.B0 switching ports for transistor driving the 3 digit 7 segment is at TRISD 0b00011111. TRISA 0b1100000 as analog input and Vref. can i ask for a simple code at c language sir? reading the ADC
R=10k C=10n R3=205 R4=100 R5=4M7 RC1=2K2 R6=47K R7=10k RC2=200 RE=50 C1=1u C2=1u C3=10u CE=100u Ucc=15 T1=T2=BC547C => f = 1.6 kHz u = 2.8 Vrms THD= 1.8% Simulated with fixed R3/R4 and minimum gain reserve, so oscillation startup takes about 100 ms. Simulation behaviour may be different depending on simulator and s
i am looking for a thermistor in any of the simulation prıogram...i couldnt find... ( for example : 10kΩ @ 25C thermistor, approx. 3.7%/C NTC ) ... where can a thermistor be? if u know, please inform me.. thanks in advanced yes proteus can simulate thremistor Just type word ntc in part
Hi Is there any example of interfacing with NTC themristor with 8 bit ADC before microcontroller chip? What about the forumla converting the votlage reading into temperature? My sensor measure 10k ohm at 25 degree....and the maximum range is 270 degree at about 800 ohm... So I aint exactly sure how to measure the temperature from NTC t