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Thanks for your help. I Bought a 220-110 (ac) transformer and I want to convert 110 vac to 95 vdc , Could you introduce some online resource?
Are 220 V, 50 Hz to 110 V voltage converters safe? I ended up with a few electronic devices: a phone charger, a battery charger, a drilling machine, an alarm clock with radio, etc., that are designed for 110 V, 60 Hz and which I want to power from a 220 V, 50 Hz outlet. I also have a converter
hi, LM7805 does not provide any isolation .The cip is a series voltage regulator. What do you isolate from what ? If you power your circuit from 220 or 110 ac. you use a transformer. If you use your laptop, there is no need for that , you can use the 5Vdc from the usb port. Just be careful to not overload it (& of course no short circuit, (...)
Your heading mentioned transformer-less , but your question does not. Which is it? If it's transformer-less and you want to go from mains voltage(110,220,240 AC) then take crutschow's advice. If you are prepared to use a transformer , it's easier :0)
I want to design an step-down auto-transformer of 220/110 V. I have read a book where it says that there is no difference between the two winding transformer and a single winding auto-transformer. So i calculated required turns for the input and the output. I used a core limb with 11.52 sq. cm cross (...)
How do you know that the transformer is made for 110/220 VAC without a specification and connection diagram? Presuming you know it is, you'll want to measure winding resistances to understand how the wires are connected. I guess that red/red is for 220V and red/black (either of both red wires) is for 110V.
66166coverting 220v MSW 60 cycle 5000 watt converter to 110/220v split wave output I bought the Generac 7kv propane generator which I have installed, it came with a transfer switch which is designed to switch from hydro to generator when 220/110vac plit phase hydro drops out. I thought I maybe able to (...)
I read the quality of the sound will not be the same as an original 110V power supply built in. Why? Using a classical 110:220 voltage transformer doesn’t change the quality of the sound. :smile:
You can not plug the bulb directly into a wall outlet, because the bulb works with 3.6 volts instead of 110 or 220 volts! You would need either a transformer or a DC power supply to interface between the bulb and the wall outlet. Looks like this: Digi-Key - T1022-
Hello all, I am in need of some help. I am in need of a transformerless power supply will allow me to have a universal ac input 110/220 volts and an output of 12 Volts at 3 amps. I had a couple of old monitors around the house that were auto switching. I traced out the ac portion of one of the
I need a help and or analysis on which phase on the amplifier board should i check first.. All i know is these was causing by voltage overload. This is an imported amplifier (accepts only 110volts) plugging in to a 220 Volts wall outlet. When i open the system.. i noticed burned fuses and caps. Is the voltage regulator (IC) affected to this kickedO
Hello, I need a circuit for 5v/12v DC supply from 110/220 AC. The common way is to use a transformer, a bridge and a voltage regulator. I know this way, but it is needed to be done without using trans becasue of its weight. The maximum current is 500 mA. A friend told me to use HV capacitors instead of Trans to reduce the AC voltage, the (...)
The easiest way is to use a small transformer and step down voltages from 220/110 to 5Vac, then rectify this and measure it on a 0-5Vdc ADC.. Good luck.. IanP
I have a VHF radio and I want to make a power supply for it, I have a nonlinear switching regulator from TI , Thanks TI :), having a rating of Vin 18-36V, Vo 6.5 - 17.5 V, 8.5A, 100W. My questions are the following: 1.) Can I use a low current transformer at the input say 110 - 220 Primary and 20V Secondary having only a 0.5 A current (...)
I looking for power supply circuit that input 110to220V AC output 12V DC 1A but don't use transformer like mobile wall charge, notebook.. etc. a tiny circuit is very good. How you call this circuit ? I don't know keyword to search. Because I am Thai. Have a good day.