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hello, i tried also to manage a 128x64 GLCD .. PIC 18F26K22 , Test Afficheur Digitron SG12864-J5 but blocked with grafic functions i only can display texte ... it seem very complicated compare to a nokia 5110 with lower resolution 96x48 maybe it can
Hi Did anybody try to Interface graphics LCD with stm microcontroller. I am trying to do same but I am facing some problem with voltage level. I think graphics LCD accept 5 volt and stm can provide 3.3 voltage only. Please suggest some something on the same.
I am using 128x64 GLCD (KS0108) with ATMEGA32 Micro controller and I using lib given on link for same. I successfully interface it with atmega32 but when I try to change font size 5X8 to 12X16 (TABLE FOR 12x16 IS ALREADY GIVEN IN HEADER) in below function by changing value of i loop to 12 and (12*charToWrite) bu
Hi, I need some single sized and double sized fonts for my GLCD with ST7565 controller. Can someone provide me links for the fonts?
[ PSoC Creator [ FreeRTOS [ PSoC 5 CY8C5868AXI-LP035 Hi there, I am facing weird problem with my Application on PSoC 5 based hardware. This application is based on FreeRT
Hi sorry to bump this thread after so long but i need help with a final year project. So basically i am using C8051340F micro controller and i use silicon Laboratories ide to do a little programming. Was wondering how to calculate the Freq/Bpm and display it on 128x64 pixels lcd.. Thanks for help in advance. Coding: /* Graphic LCD 6
Hi, I have interfaced 128x84 GLCD with Atmega16 and written a function that displays an image on the glcd.Basically the image is defined by an array of size 1024(128x64) which has pixel wise definition for an image. This function is working perfectly fine for one image but when I try to display 2 images one after other with a delay , the second
Hi, The problem is to give the full code in PIC18 IDE, to accomplish what is cleared in the .docx attached file. I was able to only come up with the following code: It has severe stack overflow, and data is often corrupted. It is composed of 1250 lines! And still not done. I`m sure that no one has the time to read it all, but in case, here
hello! i need to display simple character on glcd using mplab Hi aaddi, Indeed, there is huge difference between GLCD and Alphanumeric LCD. If you want to display only characters then I will strongly recommend you to use Alphanumeric LCD rather than GLCD. In GLCD you can display images only. Even you are displaying C
hiiii i am finding it difficult to interface glcd 128x64 with lpc2148....escpecially i am not aware about the value of pull up registers to be used along the pins of glcd with lpc2148.. cud sumone help me wid the interfacg??does anyone have the diagram to interface??plssss
Which variant of 8051 you are using like AT89c51, AT89c52 etc. I already interface 128x64 with AT89c51 without any problem, However, I could able to display few images because of small EEPROM inside
Hi all, Need some help with writing the C codes to project the values I have gather from the ADC of a PIC18F4431 onto a 128x64 GLCD. I am currently using the MPLab IDE if you do a forum search on GLCD it will give you links to many posts on the subject can you give more details on the hardware, e.g
Dear Sir, Would you please advise me the proper library/ source code to use with? I am using PIC16F877A with GLCD 128x64, S6B0108 controller. I tried to use library HDM64GS12.c but it did not work properly. My compiler is CCSC version pcwhdupd 5-0008 Here is my GLCD specification. ht
Hi everyone, I am doing a Temperature Monitoring System by using PIC18F4550 with LCD Ampire 128x64. I use CCS C of MPLab plugin to compile the .hex file. And simulate on Proteus. My problem is : the display on Ampire 128x64 is unusual. Is there any configuration on Ampire need to done before simulate? I'm new to this. 103250[
I m using 89c52 to operate graphical display(128x64). i use keil for coding the IC. here i post my program that is not running. Can any one help me to find out that what is the problem?? program......>>>>> #include #define port P0 sbit LE=P3^7; sbit EN=P3^6; sbit RST=P2^0; void delay(unsigned int j) { unsigned int
Hellow all I need vhdl code for the Glcd 128x64 jhd128x64. i m using cpld krypton board please help me to give jst character display code for that. thank you regards anthony mario.
want to design Graphical lcd(128x64) by using PIC18 controller. i have initialize graphical LCD and access lcd for writing word and i want to draw waveform on please help me... what should i do for it?.... advance thanks
Hello Guys, I need help regarding Interfacing 128x64 Graphic Display and 3x4 keypad with PIC16f877a i Have designed it as 98003 here i have connected Keypad to port B and LCD to port C and port D. using the below Code //this is KBD.c #byte kbd = 6 // on to port B (at address 6)
Hi everyone, I am facing from with GLCD 128x64 it has controller NT75451. I am getting first row dots are getting on, and character also display after that position. If any one can guide me where i am making mistake in code as below. LCD.c #ifndef _XTAL_FREQ // Unless specified elsewhere, 4MHz system frequency is assumed #defin