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Hello I have any question about signal sampling theory. I have signal generated from DDS (10bit with good reconstruction filter) , signal is sinus of known frequency 100 kHz. I need to know as precisely as possible amplitude and time zero crossing I have 12bit ADC with 5 MSPS (STM32F303). i.e. 50 samples per period or 1 sample/7,2 degree. Th
The SAR-12bit may be configured as a DAC but considering the learning curve will have just to make 2 sine waves and the chip capability, I can think of better choices and more suitable applications for the chip when you learn how to use it. A protoboard is not the best for low noise sine waves with long wires. It seems you need to learn how a
Pls help, I am doing the layout of a 12bit ADC. while connecting between the digital(3.3LvTr, connected to VDD 1.2V)and analog section(3.3lvTr, connected to AVD 3.3v), all the rules for 3.3v analog section transistors are flashing for the 1.2v digital connection. I have added an antenna diode to the analog gate which is connected to the digit
First eliminate all static sources of error using a calibrated DAC. THis includes ground shift of Vref from digital currents and thermal drift of Vref. When I designed a 12bit SCADA system in the 70's I used BB 12 bit ADC's and DAC and was happy with DAC but had issues with monotonicity missing codes and hysteresis which I presumed was an early f
I want a stable reference voltage source for 12bit adc conversion . For that purpose i opted for mcp1541 from microchip .But there is difference in the o/p for every part . 1st IC :4.098V Dc. 2nd Ic : 4.110V DC. 3rd Ic : 4.084 V DC. Can somebody explain why this kind of response is there . Is there some ic with only +-1mV variation in voltage re
please guys I am dieing to fine circuit and code that can convert ( 0 to 10 volts ) with accuracy of 1 mv ,,, I need this for a motor that will switch on at every increase of 2.5 Milli volt HELP ME PLEAAAASE if you are looking for a resolution of 2.5mVolts in 10 volts 12bit ADC will just do it if 1mvolt
Hello. I am using a arduino Due(SAM3X8E) with its 12bit ADC to read a sine wave, the reference voltage is 3V and the sine wave swings approximatly between 0 and 3V. I have writen a program to use DMA(Direct Memory Access) on the SAM3X8E ?C to store the ADC results and then I send them over serial to matlab and plot the results. But I always come
Here is a producer-independent selection tool for such devices. See here the result from a 12bit, 8channel search: 112319
I am uisng 12bit Pipeline ADC in PIC24FJ128GC006, MPLAB V8.8 IDE, C30 compiler. by using sample code from PIC24F family datasheet i am not able get output, and also from silicon errata of this family some errors regarding sampling,calibration for this work around process also done and still i am not able to get the output ... am i mi
Thanks for reply... The circuit is according to the data sheet ... I was confused due to arrangement of 12bit command word. According to the datasheet 12bit command word with 12th bit MSB (write) and LSB is Coding bit. However We have 16 bit integer so I m confused that either I need to send 0x8330 command byte or 0x08333 command byte. Following is
it looks like you are looking for a 12bit ADC, e.g. if your input voltage range is -10 to +10vols 12 bits should give your a precision of approx 5mVolts what is you input voltage range and what precision do you require? how many ADC channels?
I am trying to implement a variable power supply in my circuitry built around OPAMP (LTC1637) negative feedback and NMOS (Farnell PartNo: 2114736) being a pass element. The idea is to supply the positive input (reference voltage) from a 12bit DAC and then vary the output voltage apprx 10mV steps from 2.8V to 18V DC. When I started using this circu
hello, if you have a 12bit value stored into an 16bits integer ( or 2 bytes collapsed) and want to transform it into 9 bits value ... allways inside an 16 bits integer ! you have to do a register right shifts like Value9bit= Value12bits >> 3 ; = XXXX 1011 0100 1000 -> XXXX XXX1 0110 1001 but you only loose LSB bits.
I am designing a adjustable dual rail tracking lab supply and I've decided to go with the idea to regulate the voltage with a filtered PWM signal, the max output voltage is 25V and a 8bit controller does not give me enough resolution. I did learn a little about micro-controller a couple years ago but I have not worked much with micro-controllers
G'day, I've been tasked the job of cleaning up someone's failed attempt at what they thought was going to be a simple data acquisition system. The system has two 8 channel 12bit 500kS/s SPI ADCs. (Actually run at 20kS/s per channel for a total system throughput of 3.84Mb/s + overhead) An embedded Linux controller (Raspberry Pi) interfaces with t
MCU as STM32F303 allows you to connect two ADC in dual mode. Two 12bit 5MSMPS work as a ONE 10Msps Unfortunately, no one does, how to solve Front-End Amplifier for ADC in dula mode. Use one amp for both ADC or two for each ADC own amplifier?
Hello, I am trying to recover transmitted binary bit stream from digital receiver 70MHz if input. I am using 12bit ADC @ 140MHz sampling rate. The transmitted data rate is 512kbps. How to decide the binary bit data at ADC output?
Greetings, I want to set two port pins for analog inputs for a 12bit ADC in dsPIC30F4013. i know that i have to use the TRIS and ADPCFG registers to do that. I'm not familiar with C language. in assembly i know how to set it. help would be appreciated.
Hi, I am making use of the PMOD AD1 (AD7476-12bit) for my application. I have used a FSM to interface the PMOD to the FPGA. From the timing diagram from the data sheets available, the ADC's poweron is dependent on the nCS signal. And I have a doubt that what would happen to the data converted (SDATA), if the nCS pin is pulled up even before
Hi guys, I have a few questions. To design a very fast pipeline ADC like this, which topology do you recommend for the MDAC OTA ? Can you give me reasonable specs to start from ? Also if you have any pdf with a similar design, it would be great to attach it here. Thanks