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this little circuit that works perfectly " on protus software" for automatic transfer between ac mains line and inverter output the design is straight forward at its heart is lm copmartor"or similiar part" that looks for 12vdc derived form 220 ac mains as long as it exist the output will be zero and
Lets suppose your LEDs have a Vf of 1.6V per segment. You have each segment fed through a 220R resistor so the maximum display current, with "8.8." displayed is ((5 - 1.6)/220) * 16 which is about 250mA. The regulator has 12v at it's input and 5V at it's output so it drops 7V across it. That means it dissipates (7V * 0.25A) = 1.75W which is (...)
I have a 220 to 12v step-down transformer i want to get 18V output from its secondary. Which winding should i reduce (primary or secondary) to convert it to get 18 volts at the output.
my aim is to switch an electric bulb operating at 220v AC..for this purpose i use a 12v DC relay that can operate for 220 V appliance according to its data sheet. my relay circuit is now, when i use a regulated power supply( i have used a desktop PC's SMPS unit for power supply that giv
Hello all! I need to power small computer (12v 4a), which is 50 meters away from nearest 220v power box. What would be better solution, put 50 meters rvv3 0.5mm with 300v/500v isolation, and then 220to12v power supply near computer, or 50 meters 12v cable? some rvv2. It seems 220v would be (...)
i want to make a power supply which having the specification:- 12v and 10 ampere for battery charging if anyone can help :roll:
Sorry, I do not have access to an inductance meter right now. :( Is there any other alternative way to calculate inductance? Okay. I'll make a dc-dc (12v->325v) converter first. As I do not have datasheet of the core, what should be the good approximation of power handling capability of it? - - - U
Hi!!! You can use a power supply with 12v regulator, like a 78L12 ( )!!! I dont know this led lamp, maybe you must be use a led driver circuit ( )!!!
I'm learning how to make an inverter, and need help figuring out what is normal and what is not, and fixing the latter. The basic layout is - make 320V from 12v, using a high frequency, small size ferrite transformer, rectify the 320V, turn them into AC with a full bridge. It splits nicely into two parts, and i want to debug them separately.
Input voltage is between 1V and 2V or 12v ?
hi vvarlord first of all , i will give u the overview of the inverter ,, 1) linear transformer based inverter now i will tell u in detail about this type -- LINEAR TRANSFORMER BASED INVERTER-- In this type of inverters ,,first of all 12vdc is converted into 12vac(square wave or modified sine wave or pure sine wave) now this 12vac is (...)
Any possible suggestion /cct for conversion of 220 v dc to 48 v dc having 10 A current(charging 100 AH 12v each 4 batteries in series) without conversion from dc to ac.thanks For charging 48V battery (12v * 4), you need a voltage of at least 54V (13.5V * 4). Saying we use a voltage of 55.2V (13.8V * 4), the powe
Is this for your vehicle? You may want to investigate something like raspberry pi, which can operate from 5v. Otherwise, I'd suggest that it is quite hard for someone new to electronics to develop a PC power supply that operates from 12v. There is the inverter option to take 12v and convert to 220 so that you can power a conventional (...)
You can use 12v switching supply used with 12v/50W spotlight bulb. Its cheap and easily available from electrical stores.
Hello I will be designing a single phase VFD for Indcution motor with Power Factor correction. Main Blocks would be H bridge (220Vac to 60Vdc) , Boost circuit as active PFC , boost to vary voltage from 60Vdc \mapstoto 220Vdc, and an inverter for dc to ac. now i am just confuse that ; Will the Boost Circuit for PFC Step UP my Vol
What is the current rating of your battery if your using it as input ? anyways U can use IC-4047 (LOW-POWER MONOSTABLE/ASTABLE MULTIVIBRATOR)... Check this link
The transformer is that used in an IDE psu 220 ac input, 12v 2A 5V 2A output. It is an EI ferrite transformer with a gap between the center leg of the E shaped part and the I part ,the center leg is cylindrical. Its dimensions and number of turns for each winding are known (i have dismantled it). I found IDE psu schematic (or part of i
You can find the minimum relationship (number representing n1/n2) this way: n1/n2 > (220√2)/12 = 25,9. Other than that, it's important that transformer core does NOT saturate when feed with 12v@50Hz input. I would have choosen n1/n2 ≈30.
i want to design a transformerless power supply 12v to drive a DC motor plz give me a circuit to develop . thank u
here are: 1:very simple PWM 12v to 220/110V inverter. 2:and a sine wave inverter with Micro-controller