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finding it difficult to design clean 24v DC to 12v DC converter for 12v LCD TV's in big cars
if your input is 12v, and output is 24v, 20A...then your peak input current in the inductor could be as low as 45A or so. ILL SEND YOU BOOST SIM AND YOU CAN GET INTO IT. (sorry about capitals) - - - Updated - - - here, not your spec but youll get into it. iTS FRee ltspice sim - - -
I have a transformer of an old UPS Implying it steps up 12v (24v) to mains ACV. A clever designer might (for all we know) install more windings to step down mains AC to charge the battery pack. It will require a lot of testing, if you wish to figure out step up/down ratios, etc. Take ohm readings. Make a list of all
It does not seem likely that the unit would have a single 6V battery, delivering 750W. That's over 125 Amperes. When I opened up my UPS, I saw four 6V gel cells, in series. 24v total. Perhaps yours is similar? Can you open the cabinet and see whether you could hook up your 12v battery? Or perhaps it needs two. You may need to attach custom t
Hello, I would like to build a small symmetric PSU (<3A) for my projects. Space is limited so I am thinking of using a 24v laptop smpsu and connect at it's output this circuit to have a +/-12v symetric PSU. 1. In this configuration, will the opamp output ground be
It might be difficult finding a commercial power module with a wide enough input voltage range. Most are nominally 12v or 24v input, and probably will not reach far enough. 4:1 input range, specifically 9-36 V is a kind of industry standard. Tracopower TEN 6-2413WIN e.g. fits exactly the OP's specification.
It is called power inverter. You can find a lot of options for automotive applications, with 12v or 24v.
To get this circuit to work yo need to connect the pullup resistor to 24v(not 12v), and add a resistor between Q11 collector and Q10 gate. This will create a voltage divider that will keep the Gate Vgs <20V. 10k should do the trick. The current circuit will be activated all the time, regardless of the Q11's state. This is if the 12v and (...)
This thread discusses a similar topic. Start with a single 24v supply, obtain +12 -12v split supply with virtual ground. It has a possible solution: two stacked capacitors similar to your C1-C2. Each one is charged alternately by a half-bridge. If you wish, add a single inductor in the center, to create a dual-purpose buck converter. https://w
With a 24v supply, the relay coil will have 12v across it and the series resistor with the same resistance as the relay coil will also have 12v across it.
THe current for Fans starts at a fairly constant current and then rises slowly to perhaps double the current from 12 to 24v as more work is done pushing air. Typical 4" muffin fans take about 5W and you would get perhaps 20% of the RPM at 12v. Adding resistors would only reduce the fan speed and dissipate more power in the series R's and be ineff
Hi friends I am having 24v 200ma power supply i have to convert it into 12v 3amps supply how can i convert it if i am giving input of 24v 200ma to lm350 regulator it will convert 12v 3amps is this correct or what will be the best method to decrease the volt into 12v and increase current into (...)
you must not connect a 12v inverter to a 24v battery, you will blow its fuse and if it did work for a few seconds it would produce twice the mains voltage that would burn out your PC and lights. The best you can do is to split the batteries into pairs and feed each pair (12v) into the inverter one pair at a time, but you must try and use (...)
Depends greatly on your heatsink thermal resistance how much current and heat rise to say 70'C I succesfully use 4S on 12v on AWG18 with 30AWG drops for Rs equalization of 0.1Ohm or 6S on 18 or 19V or 8S on 24v or 24S on 48V. So no loss on regulator and adjust supply drop with long wire suitable guage for 100% voltage matched between supply an
Are you sure that the flyback converter is regulated for secondary voltage of 12v? The waveform rather looks like 24v secondary voltage with the given turns ratio.
i need to make a power supply that generates +24v, +12v, -12v, +5V, +3.3V DC from 110/230VAC. I Have 0 experience in power supply design. Lets put questions one by one. 1. what type of supply i should go for? smps or linear power supply? and why?
Hello, What is the accepted standard commercial & industrial voltage bus level for solar panel outputs? Is it 12v or 24v, or something else? (That is, considering that that an 220VAC inverter is not used.)
There should be a comparator that works with nominal uC voltage ( 5V ) for each PLC output.Comparators can be programmed in according with output levels-for instance- 20V for 24v output, 10V for 12v output so on.. Finally the comparator outputs will always be 0 or 5V when the signals levels' exceed the programmed value..
Hi, I am following the circuit here I am using 12v instead of 24v. 115245 I have not connected a pic to pin A and B yet. Instead I am using a potentiometer. I ground pin A and then drive B with the pot for one direction and then alternate for another direction. T
Hi! I am converting 24v to 12v using a R-7812-0.5 converter, but I have some current sensitive components connected to the 12v circuit. So my question is will this converter always send 500mA, or is that dependent on the current consumption in the circuit? Maybe it?s a stupid question, but I am a software guy working on a school project, (...)