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three times 7.5A Can you assemble the led's as a 36v string? Then it would be a single load. It may be easier for you to work with one 36v 7.5A system, rather than a 12v 24A system. Do you intend to parallel 3 led loads? That gives all three loads the exact same voltage. Therefore it's important that none of the loads 'hog' current
Very sound advice from treez. It might be difficult finding a commercial power module with a wide enough input voltage range. Most are nominally 12v or 24v input, and probably will not reach far enough. These are not difficult to build and get going, but as treez suggests find a 1:1 transformer that will carry one amp average (required at 9v).
Output voltage is lower then input (in 24V, out 12v.)? When you expect boost mode? - tantudaisu -
Hello :-D, i have to design a step down circuit from 36v/48V to 12v that compatible for Electric Vehicle. Where my circuit need to charge the 12v battery. I am using this circuit 86931 I need an opinion how to control all the MOSFET. After done the simulation, i have failed to get the right result. Thank you.
I understand more or less to concept of how these work, i.e. you send width modulated pulses, proportional to the frequency of the incoming sound signal, into the primary circuit. Easy to implement with 555s and mosfets etc when you are driving a flyback transformer driver at 36v/12v or what ever. But how would you implement such a scheme with a
i have no idea about battary Charging protocol ( VRL\TUBULAR ) .any body explan hear for inverter (12v,24v,36v&48v)..i want to used with pic micro controller.
batteries are 12v ?? so 36v batteries pulsed with 100V source....... Ok, what is the current capability of the 100V source ? that is what will determine whether this circuit survives or not !! I get the idea of pulse charging (is it lead acid ?)...... even so does it really need 100V ? You had better keep a watch on the battery tem
it depends on Vout you want . Quoteing datasheet - 100mA @ 12v from 3.3V VIN - 50mA @ 24V from 3.3V VIN - 30mA @ 36v from 3.3V VIN
Hello there. I'm planning to construct a low voltage AC power supply with outputs for 12v, 24v and 36v. I plan to run all these voltages down a 3 core cable as follows: Core 1: Gnd Core 2: 12v Core 3: 36v This should allow me 36v between cores 1 and 3, 24v between cores 2 and 3, and (...)
Hi ! Use a 120V pri to 18-0-18V (think as you would have 0 18V and 36v terminals) sec @3A. From the 18V tap, rectify (full wave or bridge rectifier) it and regulate with a 12v voltage regulator (a simple 7812 can do that, donīt forget to attach a good heatsink) for the uC supply. The 36v you obtain from the -18 and +18 terminals (again (...)