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Hi guys, I installed a row a halogen bulbs in my house. Each has a 12v transformer. The electrician installed the row of bulbs in parallel with an incandescent light. Curious fact is that the dimmer does not work properly if I install only the halogen bulbs but it works ok if there is a one (or more) incandescent bulbs in parallel. My theory
Most LED strips work from 12v, not 3V. A single LED with a series current-limiting resistor will work poorly from 3V because it will get dimmer and dimmer as the battery runs down then the LED will stop lighting before the battery is dead. An LED strip with 3 or 4 LEDs would have them in series and in series with a current-limiting resistor (...)
If you use 4x3V LEDs in series you need at least 12v if you use 3x3V LEDs in series, 9V LEDs will get dimmer and turn off at < 8.5V use <50 Ohm in series of 3, then when dim, short out 50 Ohm If you use 2x3V white + 1x2V Red in series =8V thus current limit of 20mA using Lithium 9.0V battery nee
hi i want to control two 12v AC lamps using PSoC3 development kit & PSoC creator 3.0 software. i not getting how to develop a logic using PSoC creator. plz help me.
I want to dimmer a lamp (40 or 50 watt) with ne555 with p channel But p channel mosfet is I am going to try with IR2103 and IRFZ44.. IRFZ44 like p channel with IR2103 Do you think the circuit is true?Please help me. And I have only 12v
i'm trying to combine these two circuits a. light/dark sensor b. dimmer but having problem to figure out how to control the dimmer using ldr in the 1st circuit and also i cant figure out why my relay doesnt work with 12v source. can someone help me.. sorry my basic knowledge in electrical is very low. :oops:
i just want to make a simple circuit . the purpose of this circuit is a 12v bulb is working from 12v DC power supply . when we switch off the power to the bulb then it needs to fade gradually and comes to a "complete off " rather than a sudden "on" (100% brightness ) to "off" (0% brightness) in a moment . i don't need time delay (i don't need 10
Hy i need help for dimmer 55wx2 12v. I need this for my car lights. the problem is i have 2 foglamps no original and i have a dimmer for hem. Thenks for evrie helps.
Hi, How to control a 24V LED Driver (Green) dimmer with precision (brightness range:most Brightness to turn off). Can using MOSFET to design it?? Or using another component to design it? Another problem is how to using op amp to step up 12v to 24V?? I try using 741 op amp can't do it, so another op amp can do it or not?? Thanks!!