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Hello all, Could you tell me how I can increase the voltage of bandgap. Right now, the voltage operation Vin is from 2.2V to 4V. If I wanna increase voltage to 12v, how I do that ? Please show me the way to do it. Thank you so much. In the below, I attached some img about my bandgap136112
if I delay 5ms it's still very slow. Own a pocket calculator? 5 ms delay = 200 Hz step rate = 1 rps for a 1.8degree step motor in full step operation. => 1 kHz step rate required for 5 rps. I guess the motor won't support 1 kHz start/stop frequency with 12v supply, most likely you need an acceleration ramp.
Hi my friends, I have negative ion generator. I have used it for generating static electiricity and I have done it. I can pull some slices of paper, stick etc. by static electricity. But pulling distance is not enough for my project. It is about 2-3 cm. Is it possible to increase the pulling distance of static electricity to approx. 10 cm ? Y
Noob here. I have some electronics experience but not much. I'm looking to go from 2-3 volts to 12 volts over roughly 10-15 minutes. 4-6 amps at full power. This is to power a strip of SMD LED lights for a 'sunrise wake up timer' to help me wake up more effectively in the winter months. This is what I've found so far on instructables. This
I have a 220 to 12v step-down transformer i want to get 18V output from its secondary. Which winding should i reduce (primary or secondary) to convert it to get 18 volts at the output.
Far easier to use a 12v lead acid battery as voltage source and rely on it's capacitance with perhaps some RF LC filter and battery charger set at 13.5V float voltage to keep it above 50% capacity between uses.
Hello everybody! I want a circuit for 12v paralleled connected 4 lead acid battery over and under voltage cut-off. I found too many circuit using googling,but don't understand which is best and suitable circuit for my project,so I come to this best electronics forum.Please some give me a best solution for this. Thanks!!!
respected sir/madam, i have made 6vdc,4.5Ah (battery) to 12 and 24vdc using lm2577 IC,its output voltage increase by changing value of resisters, for 12v output when i connect load around 13mA so its output voltage decrease from 12v to 11.94v and for 24v output when i connect load around 20mA so its output (...)
hi i have attached pdf file for inverter battery charger(12v/7Ah). can i use the same circuit for (12v/40Ah) battery or any other changes in this circuit for battery Ah level increasing. Thanks & Regards, Mareeswaran.k
please tell me any one,i have 230V 1000va APC smart ups(it have 2x 12v 12 Amp dry battery) can i use 2x 12v 100 Amp lead acid battery,it can charge properly and increase backup............. i am waiting for reply anyone............thanks. You can, but you need to use some additional charger. Your UPS charge bat
in my opinion the problem is around the power supply : 1n4007 and 7805 and capacitors not a good thing to feed 24v into a 7805 even for small current it's not made for it try to remove the second 12v part of the transformer to fed only 12v into the 7805 it should be better also increase the 2200uF capacitor, and put a small 100nf ceramic (...)
Hai everybody, I want to increase 12v dc to 48V(or more) ac or dc, is it possible without any transformer in the circuit. If yes pls suggest me.
my Lambda power supply 12v, 120A, 1500W SMPS was used to power my 12v car amplifier used in home for subwoofer. I attatched it to charge my Car battery 12v, not realizing the SMPS has not diode protection. the SMPS kept charging the battery when i switched off the mains.When i switched on the mains the SMPS did
To increase noise immunity of the 555, try to power up from a 12v power supply. Install a bypass capacitor on pin 5 (control voltage pin) and use a bypass capacitor near to the 555 power pins. Try to eliminate any ground loops, the most common source of noise in electronics systems. Proper grounding is essential for glitch-free design. Use lar
Hi, I am using SIM300 based GSM modem and I am able to connect it with serial interface. AT commands are also successfully executed. However network LED is not glowing/blinking at all. I have done all my tricks but to no avail. I used 12v/1A and 12v/1.5A adapters with modem. I used RF antenna to increase signal level up to 31 (...)
Hello again ! This time, I'd like to double my PSU's voltage. Its a typical total 500w PC PSU with 3.3, 5 and 12 volt. I would like to double the 12v to 24v in order to feed a small wattage class A amplifier, or just to try... (and the filter it) I would not like to use a transformer, because I cannot find some, I cannot find also Chokes.
You should use MOSFETs even at 150W because of the increase in efficiency and decrease in losses over BJTs. Let's say you're making a 12v 150W inverter. So current should be 12.5A. But you have to consider the losses in the inverter. Let's assume the efficiency of the converter is 75%. Also, you have to remember that the battery voltage will be lo
you will get small transformer for 12v 500ma , using type 17 core about 1" stack
i am tryin to make a circuit through which i have to control a 12v dc motor. i am supplyin a 12v dc i/p. what should i do without using any transistor r amplifier to run a motor when light falls on ldr ??? That depends upon how you like to control your motor with LDR. options:- 1. Just on - off the motor in pres
Your desired power output is a lot to expect of a single 12v rail. With a simple amplifier, the most you could get into 8Ω is around 5 watts. With a bridged amplifier, you could get up to about 18 watts. More than that and you will need to use a switching power supply to increase the supply voltage. Better to use 4Ω speakers which will