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Hello, I recently replaced a radiator fan on my car and the rating on the fan says 12v (10-15V max) and 6.5A continuous (15A peak). There is an ECU that can output PWM with varying duty cycle (5-20kHz) with up to 5A max. But I would like to implement an optocoupler to protect the output pin of the ECU. I have chosen IRF2804S-7P as it seem to hav
80 mA seems high, I would calculate for a current of 20 mA through the LED. if it is used digitally, i.e. the 12v is on or off, then a simple series resistor would do ( R = 12/.02 = 600 ohms), make it 680 ohms to compensate for when the battery is fully charged. The forward current is 6 X that of the LED current so at 20 mA LED current the collect
Hello My dear Friends.. i am working on atmel 89c51 and i have connected couple of 12v relay throught Pc817 optocoupler to 89c51 i/o Pin but when the 89c51 starts or stops the relay its programe counter goes somewhere else on the code of the programe ...its seems like 89c51 goes mad while turning on and off the relay .. i have tried couple of t
Use optocoupler for that, dont put any additional load on ignition contact lock. You dont even need ignition lock, You can make circuit which will sens difference between turned off engine 12v-12,73V and when engine is on 13,8V-14,2V from lighter plug or similar.
Will my circuit connection work? At default state, the MCU pin is at state 0. If the MCU pin changes state to 1 it activates the 12v solenoid. Does the optocoupler make any difference if it is there or not? 69608 maybe you should add a pullup resistor 10k on pin colector opto
Hi, I am designing a power switch, which will be turned On/Off by a Microcontroller (if needed through an optocoupler). Requirements of the switch are as below: 1. Input Voltage (VGS) : 12v 2. Maximum Load Current : 12 Ampere. I am planning to use the drain of the MOSFET as the initial voltage feed to a series of POL (point of load) non-i
Use this as simplest way and problem is solved :wink: : 63165 You can easily adjust resistor for 12v. And for optocoupler You may use 4N35,... Also this give You very small consuption of current, only few mA is needed, and You got isolated sensors from centrale (VERY IMPORTANT FOR SECURITY)!!!! Consider that high n
I want to design a "trigger" input into the pin of a microcontroller that is running at 5V. However, the input voltage of the trigger for a "high" could be 5V or 12v. Can I just tie the input to the base of a transistor and use it to turn on or off a 5V signal to the actual pin on the microcontroller?
So for my application I am using the PT4523 DC DC (12v 20W 48V-Input Isolated DC/DC Converter) and to switch the DC DC on and off , I have used the optocoupler tclt1103. The input signal to the optocoupler is 3.3V and the limiting resistor is 1.5K from a MCU. It works fine for a while and then the DC DC stops responding. When the (...)
Hi, I want to interface a shaft encoder to a MCU. Now the shaft encoder operates at 12v while the MCU at 5V. The best way I thought, is to use a digital opto-coupler so the input diode is connected to shaft encoder output signals and optocoupler output is connected to MCU. I am confused in connection of shaft encoder to the optocoupler (...)
For connecting a relay you need a driver. A simple npn transistor can be used. 4N25 can sink up to 50mA, which may be enough coil current for some of the relays. Check the relay datasheet. 1n4001 as protective diode Schottky diodes work better for protection. The diode should be in parallel wi
one good option is an optocoupler that no only isolates ignition circuit but also is an easy way of stepping down 12v levels to what is suitable for your microcontroller .. Rgds, IanP
Hi, I need a optocoupler which can switch on/off my 12volt/100ohm relay via a microcontroller? MCT2E seems to handles too much low current than this, so which optocoupler can handle that much current (120mA)! Thanks
An optocoupler can be also used to separate the output signals. If optocoupler LED is connected to microcontroller pin, logical zero on pin will activate optocoupler LED, thus activating the transistor. This will consequently switch on LED in the part of device working on 12v. Layout of this connection is shown in att. (...)
probably you already know siemens application note regaring IL300 linear opto-isolator, I implemented same circuit (same amplifiers, TIL300 optocoupler , IL300 from another manufacturer, same FET) but my circuit is not linear as described in the app. note. I suppose the only difference is they fed opamps with +/-9V DC, but I applied 12v DC.