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Hi All, I'm planning to build a pwm solar charger for home use with flexibility/scalability in mind. I'm a beginner with less experience in pic programming. I expect to incorporate the solar charger with below features. 1. Based on pwm algorithm 2. Charging multiple 12v sealed lead acid batteries 3. 20x4 character (...)
Hi All, I have a odd issues driving some fans using pwm from my pic. Fan details are : 12v 200mA 2 wire. pwm frequency 20khz. If I connect 1 fan to the circuit everything works fine. Problem is I need 2 fans to be driven. When I connect the second fan (Same type, manufacture etc) I get the following results; At (...)
Hello experts In my project , I want control & display the speed of the Wiper Dc motor(12v,5v). For this I am using the pic 16F877A and IRFP150n (MOSFET). Now I control speed of the motor with help of pwm. I am using the proximity sensor to sense the speed.for my problem , how can get the speed with help of the proximity (...)
Hi, Am adding pwm to my pic program to drive 2 darlington transistors that in turn drive 12v led strips and a 12v fan. While it all works ok on a frequency of 2500hz , wonder if there is any standard forumula for determining the best pwm frequency or is it literally just random ?
Hi, I am trying to design a pump motor speed controller using a pic chip and pwm, however I am wondering what motor driver I could use as the pumps are 12 volts running at a couple of amps but starting at about 8 amps. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks In Advance Acestu
I was looking at another post for my exact same application, but the schematics were a little vague, just wanted some opinions on my take on it. I am building a 12vdc pwm speed controller, single direction. The input voltage on the system will be around 13.3 volts. The estimated current draw of the motor is between 25 and 35 amps, giving me a wors
Hi, I want to design a buck converter Vin = 70v, Vout = 12v, Iout = 8A, I have done all the calculations for capacitor, inductor , MOSFET and diode. Now I am having problem in designing the circuit for the MOSFET Driver. How can I drive the MOSFET, are there any circuit out there, how pic's pwm can help me? any (...)
Hi, Trying to get started with a microcontroller and half bridge circuit for an electronic transformer application for halogen lamps (12v ac output). All the examples seem to use chips like the IR2161. I just wondered if anyone has any circuits where something like a pic using pwm and a half bridge circuit instead of a custom chip. (...)
Hi All I would like to drive a mosfet to control heated grips on a motorcycle. It's 12v, and have a recommandation for 5Amps fuse for protection. It would be fully variable control with pwm of a 16f628a, which I know how to do(yeah at least). but then, what MOSFet is good for pwm at power level?? Now I see some circuit for (...)
Hi All, I have an application which runs on 12v battery supply taken from automobiles. Some vehicles have 24V DC supply. I want to make my application compatible with 12v or 24V input. How can I do it?. I am planning to use a DC-DC converted at the input side. Is this OK ? or there is a better solution for this. Your suggestions welcome. Regards,
A Charger For Deep-Cycle 12v Batteries, Pt.1 Published: 29 November, 2004 Silicon chip A Charger For Deep-Cycle 12v Batteries, Pt 2 Published: 15 December, 2004 Silicon chip
Hi All, Please could help me for construction of 12v Dc -220vAc power inverter circuit working by pic micro controler pic type (Any Number)
how to useing pic16f84 with motor dc or ac 12v and to increasing the speed and polrity right and left if any bady have information and coud using h bridage to give the curreny
I'm looking for a simple pwm low voltage (6/12v 50W) lamp controller, using pic 16F84/F628 or 12C509 and a power MOSFET. It should provide "soft start" and regulate the lamp voltage from a battery V greater or equal the nominal Vlamp. Does anyone has already it or I have start this design from scratch ? T.I.A.