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It states: "3.pwm charging algorithm with auto charge set point according to the battery voltage" which includes nothing about current limiting, only that it auto detects whether a 6V or 12v battery is connected and selects the charge point (target battery voltage) accordingly. Brian.
I need a 12v halogen lamp pwm soft starter for my car. Every time a turn on the motor after a 5s delay the low light bean turns on using a pwm soft start method so the life of the bulbs will be very long. I think that the only way to monitor the engine is using an alternator signal picked-up in the terminal W, see a test here, (...)
I recommend letting the uC drive a power MOSFET driver IC (best, through some buffering that can break any ground loops) which can be had at multiple amps of output drive and take 12v easily.
Hi am using unipolar stepper motor by using 4 NMOS chip each source connected to ground and each drain connected to corresponding coil and gate from Microcontroller .and common connected to 12v . i dont know the rated current /voltage of this motor , but i measured the coil resistance [common to A pole 2E and A to -A is 4E like in B side also same
Hi, this is my first post here, feeling nervous. I want to design a pwm switch for general purpose loads, meaning I don't know if it is used with a 12v pump, a fan or LED lights. I want to pack 4 of these as tightly as possible and each has to provide at least 3A. What would be the best way to go about this? I have been looking into pr
Hi, I use arduino board which supply 5V output, but i need to operate 12v Motor. I know that i could connect the arduino to 12v power supply and to solve the problem by this, but i cannot do it from some of reasons so i have to build a circuit which will get 5v DC input from the arduino and will supply 12v DC in the output. Someone can (...)
Your LM317 is missing the important input and output capacitors shown in its datasheet. The resistors you selected will set its output from 1.2V (too low) to 27.2V (impossible). The fans need a high current to start running but a voltage regulator cannot do it, also the voltage regulator is linear that wastes a lot of power making heat. Today, the
LM2576 (52KHz) or LM2596 (150KHz), which one is better for Raspberry Pi power supply (which needs a noise free 5V/2Amps supply from 12vDC (230VAC to 0-12v Transformer)). Only their difference is in pwm. will higher pwm give more noise free output ? Thanks in advance.
Noob here. I have some electronics experience but not much. I'm looking to go from 2-3 volts to 12 volts over roughly 10-15 minutes. 4-6 amps at full power. This is to power a strip of SMD LED lights for a 'sunrise wake up timer' to help me wake up more effectively in the winter months. This is what I've found so far on instructables. This
Microcontroller based pwm fan controller with temperature feedback and overvoltage protection The developed device should control the speed of a low voltage DC fan using a programmable microcontroller. The controller should cut-off the supply to the fan if the supply voltage exceeds 14V It must also automatically run the fan at full speed if the t
Hi All, I'm planning to build a pwm solar charger for home use with flexibility/scalability in mind. I'm a beginner with less experience in pic programming. I expect to incorporate the solar charger with below features. 1. Based on pwm algorithm 2. Charging multiple 12v sealed lead acid batteries 3. 20x4 character LCD display for (...)
hi, Connect the Enable pin to +5V and use E for the 12v output. See Table on page 3-395 of the datasheet. E
The output of the DAC might be DC. If you amplify it to 12vDC at up to 50W/12v= 4.2A then the amplifier will be linear and get very hot. Pulse-Width-Modulation pulses should be used instead so that the switching output does not waste power by getting hot.
I am going to use the speed controller (in attached image) for my 8-9 A 12v radiator motor. Is it better choice, if not, then which one would be better? Will it also cause to take less Amp from battery? Thanks
Hi All, I have a odd issues driving some fans using pwm from my PIC. Fan details are : 12v 200mA 2 wire. pwm frequency 20khz. If I connect 1 fan to the circuit everything works fine. Problem is I need 2 fans to be driven. When I connect the second fan (Same type, manufacture etc) I get the following results; At (...)
I was experimenting a BJT buck converter using a SG3525 in a pretty uncommon configuration (pwm pulses through the VC terminal, outputs connected to the ground). The schematic diagram is as follow: 114253 The input voltage is 24V, the output voltage is 12v, the intended load current is 10A and the switching frequenc
Hello dear edaboard members ; I'm really tired of getting the same error from proteus :( I have 48 to 12 V dc-dc converter pre-design(not completed to apply in real life) with UC2525 pwm regulator chip. My problem is when i am trying to drive to mosfet gates(IRFZ44N) pwm-A(pin-11) is nearly correct but pwm-B(pin-14) is about to gnd.(some (...)
I have designed an H-Bridge using IR2110 but when the battery voltage depletes to less than 12v it becomes unstable perhaps the bootstrap supply circuit stop working at this voltage, but I have read its datasheet which states it can work up to 10V.
Hello everyone. I am implementing this design except the fan works perfectly. i have given 12v supply from battery,psu used