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I am making a switch mode power supply 24vdc to 12vdc using push pull topology . Transformer is center tap at both sides ground is not isolated . Rectification is via MUR3020. Switching frequency 100khz using SG3525. I have spikes of about 100~ 200mv on my ground line as shown in picture attached. Spike levels increase with load current . W
hi murali_dece, Thank you very much for helpful and useful advice. I just finish my assembly with all components and found out the output voltage is very unstable(voltage flow between 23.7VDC to 24.3VDC). I have make the change to input voltage became 12vdc 2A, so this is the main reason that can't generate stable output voltage?(since i need t
hi, I'm trying to design a flyback DC-DC converter which can provide up to 24V from a normal 12V,40Ah lead-acid battery that every car has. It can be used to run radios, small lights, relays, horns and other 24V accessories(multiple output) from a 12V vehicle. I have done research about flyback topology, but both modes(discontinuous mode and co
Hello, I am looking to generate 24vdc from a ?12vdc Power supply. The component I wish to use is Traco Power TEN25-1222. This dcdc converter gives us +12V and -12V. My qeustion is how to use these two to generate 24vdc? Any help would be great. Thanks.
Dear Members, I am trying to develop a battery operated device which works on Automobile battery (12V/24vdc) , so the input range is around 9-36VAC. I need to derive two isolated supplies 5VDC(at)500mA and 12vdc(at)1A.I have seen circuits using UC3483 for such circuits. I need help in deciding the transformer for the same , ca