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Hello all, I working on project that ons the relay when 3 phases are on and offs the relay when 1 or 2 or all 3 phases are faulty. I need direct 3 phase connectins to pic 16f628 no tarnsformers , optocouplers etc. I attached one image that tells when 3 phases are available then what happens. See image bellow124689 Can i u
i want to build on off programable switch using pjc when i search on net then this project is find. link of project= but the problem is this code is only for one cycle of relay on and off operation ... i need relay on off on off after given time un
Hai, iam trying to establish communication between 2 pic mcu, pic18F4520 and pic16f628A. actually i need to establish long distance communication so i am going to use max232 and all. But now i just tested them with direct connection. ( no max232 or anything in between) with wires few cms long. but it doesnt seem to (...)
a single "old" pic like 16f84 or 16f628 and a small program inside and you're done with every situation you want even 2 digits CA and 2 digits CC are possible this way !
talking electronics have a good display using pic has six buttons for up,down,left,right,store and delete.check it out. just google talking the best.
hello all, I have a new problem here. I'm still learning C for pic (xc8 compiler) and as a beginner project i'm doing a thermometer with the popular ds18b20 and a pic16f628 i had lying around. My program does behave good when it is allowed to run but while i was playing with pointers, structures, arrays etc. to return more than one value (...)
Hi, I have recently finished to upgrade my old dish antenna positioning system by adding to it a homebuilt positioner interface, based on the pic 16f628 microcontroler. It's working fine :grin: If enyone wants to try it out , and need further descriptions, hex, details........ contact me :wink:
hello Even with a pic16F84, or 16f628 or 18F252 you can use an external clock for 16F8x use HS osc for configuration ( but in fact you don't use the internam pic Oscillator ! ) and connect output of External oscillator to the pin OSC1/ClkIN ISC2/Clkout keept unused i used this kind of oscillateur EPSON 25MHz on 16F84 for DDS (...)
hello to all i want any one to help he to build projest using the pic 16f628 to connect between the smart card and the reciver as this the smart card connect with the reciver with 5 pin 1 = vcc 2 = vdd 3 = reset 4 = clock 5 = i/o i want to connect the pic between the smart card and the reciver to change the answer from the card when (...)
I found the pic 16F877A and 16F877 some what fragile. I have damaged several of these while programming on the picSTART plus programmer. Whereas I never had such problems with 16F648A/16f628, 16F690 or the 18F series. I think the 877 series is more susceptible to damage than the others. Probably design fault or something makes this happen.
check this Nigel's pic Tutorial Page Nigel tut1_2 with 16f628A
Is pic16f628 comparator is just like lm339 or it is different in work i mean they include lm339 like comparator in pic16f628? Is pic16F819 PWM is work just like sg3525/24 ? i mean can i use it in invertor just like sg3524? thank you so much.
I want to use a 16f628 to send serial data. I have written the code below, but there is no output on RB2. I have followed thwe procedure in the 16F62X spec, but it does not work & I can't see why. org 0x0000 movlw 0x07 movwf CMCON ;turn comparators off movlw b'00100000' BANKSEL TRISA movwf TRISA ; movlw b'00000010' ; mo
Hi , could you help me please to understand the assembly code of this LCD tachometer with pic 16f628 for example I don't undersand the use of blades and how it works ?
Hi all, my name is Kostas and I'm facing a problem with my thesis and I need help about solving it. Well the problem that I'm facing has tdo with the communication of a pic microcontroler ( 16f628 ) and a gsm modem (Simens T35i terminal). I can't send or receive commands between those two devices. For example, I'm trying to send the "AT" comm
is it possible to use adc 0804 to interfaced in 16f628 to serve as external adc of 628,,cos 628 don't have,,, yes, it is possible.
Hi...why dont u try some other pics which have more features as well as ports..such as pic16F876A which have inbuilt ADC... Interfacing external ADC(0808/04) with 16f628 will require almost 8 pins or more...but, i guess the remaining pins wont be sufficient to interface with Nokia 3310...since normal 16x2 LCDs require a minimum 7 pins...Regards.
Hi, I'm trying to built a program for pic 16f628 in order to communicate with TC35i modem, but I'm having some problems. 1. I don't know how to read parts of incoming messages. For examble, I used the hyperterminal to learn which at commands I'll have to use in my program. When I'm sending this command: AT+CMGL="ALL" I get: AT+CMG
HI, I am busy with a project using a nokia 3310 lcd and 16f628 pic. I am having some problems with the contrast. Help needed? Pieter ' ' Graphic temperature display ' ' pic 16f628 ' ' r.2 16/05/08 ' DEFINE OSC 4 'internal oscillator ' DEFINE INTHAND Myint 'define (...)
i suggest tou you to Use picbasic,Proton and a smaller pic,like a 16f or 18f temp sensor : ds18s20 bluetooth : rn-41,roving network pic :pic18F1220 or 16f628 an exemple here for the motor driver SN754410 in basic