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I m using switch case for blinking 4 led alternately and my code work fine in proteus 8 but not work in my pic16f676 microcontroller hardware..why? pls help..
which one need 16f676 based working stabilizer source code & hex code .they can pm me
i saw 0 value and nearer value (false value) for 3 times in 20 times of reading I have made US Distance finder using HC-SR04 sensor and MCU 16f676 which shows almost accurate reading of distance between sensor and target. Though I have not tested it using water as target. But i think it should not show 0 or nearer value in any way.
I am using 16f676 ADC input AN7 Ref VDD +5V conversion selction 16Tosc ADC settings MOVLW b'00011101' MOVWF ADCON0 BSF STATUS, RP0 MOVLW b'01010000' MOVWF ADCON1 MOVLW b'10000000' MOVWF ANSEL code for acquisition CALL TAD ;23 MCS DELAY BCF STATUS,RP0 BSF ADCON0,1 NOP CHK BTFSC ADCON
how to use external Interrupt(button) in pic 16f676 mikro c?
Hi, I want to use timer0 for 1Khz interrupt,timer1 for 100Hz interrupt in 16f676 using mikroc. Code is as follows. #define channel_1 PORTC.B0 #define channel_2 PORTC.B1 unsigned char OnPulse = 0; unsigned char OffPulse = 0; char TOG = 0,Flag=0,Tenms=0; unsigned int i = 0,j=0; Port_Control(){ CMCON = 0x07; OSCCAL
HELLO SIR, i am working on pic 16f676 ADC program with output on 2 common cathod 7 segment in my hardware internal oscillator is used,i i write my program according this pin where am i wrong please tell me vdd |1 14| vss segment g|2 13| Analog input segment f |3 12| common cathod(cc_2) MCLR|4
I am using MPLAB IDE 8.92, while simulating ADC in the MPSIM, I found that it takes 46?S. I used RC oscillator as adc clock. The hex code thus generated works flawlessly in the hardware, but I don't know what time it takes in reality. According to datasheet it must take 2-6?S. The chip I am using is 16f676 with internal 4MHz oscillator. I do not us
please help me , I want measure 3 phase lines (Phase to Phase 380-440V) these three sine wave signals with same 50Hz frequency . zero crossing for these three lines like +ve as well as ?ve half cycles. I want to measure phase shift between these three signals. phase angle i.e 0 degree for R phase , 120 degree for Y phase and 360 degree for
Help about the Chinese IC MDT10F676 seem as Pic 16f676 how to burn my programmer is not supported MDT series some one have any idea are advice
Help about the Chinese IC MDT10F676 seem as Pic 16f676 how to burn my programmer is not supported MDT series some one have any idea are advice :idea:
hi i am using 16f676 with assembly language. i want to make PWM based lamp dimmer. for this purpose, i have to use 2 interrupts. external int and timer 1 interrupt. can i use both? when external interrupt will wake, timer1 will start, make a port hi. when it will turns off by overflowing, will make the port low. and will wait next external in
Hi everybody. Here is the total PIC XC8 C code: #include #include // CONFIG #pragma config FOSC = INTRCIO // Oscillator Selection bits (INTOSC oscillator: I/O function on RA4/OSC2/CLKOUT pin, I/O function on RA5/OSC1/CLKIN) #pragma config WDTE = OFF // Watchdog Timer Enable bit (WDT disabled) #pragma config
hi friends i want to use micro. pic 16f676 for dimming purpose of 20w cob led with 12v dc, is it possible with this micro? please help me. i have proton plus compiler. thanks in advance,
Sir, i am trying to detect a three phases lines i.e which phase is available or not by using pic16f676 .(three phases like R, Y & B Phases individually connected to pic16f676 micro controller pins RA0,RA1 & RA2 respectively) using series of 2.2M ohm 1/2 watt+5M ohm 1/4 watt to PIC pin RA0 and 10K ohm connected to ground & PIC RA0. if R,Y & B pha
I need the code for controlling relays for a voltage stabilizer .Can anyone please help me with it . Thank you Preferrably the code in assembly language
Hi ! I m very new here. I want to debounce PORTC pin (output) with respect to PORTA pin (Input switch) individually for PIC16f676 MCU. But it cannot possible for my ignorance. please anybody help me.
i have need read more then 1 adc with 16f676,but no left adc pin on this code .if i use 7447 BCD to 7 Segment driver IC .then it possible with this code . #include __CONFIG (FOSC_INTRCIO & MCLRE_OFF & BOREN_ON & CP_OFF & CPD_OFF & WDTE_OFF & PWRTE_ON ); #define SPORT PORTA #define DPORT PORTC const char SegCode ={0xC0, 0xF9,
I am trying to connect 6 switch on PORT A of Pic 16f676 and need debouching output on PORT C according to PORT A. Please help me with micro c code...
i want to flash the last location of flash memory in PIC microcontroller using hitech C compiler. ie : pic memory data: 0x3FFF 0x3FFF 0x3FFF ................... .................................................. .................................................. .........................................0x3FFF