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hi, i am doing a project on cryptography using pic 16f84a. i hv used JHD 162a lcd. on interfacing lcd with pic developmant board a get 16 dark boxes on it. my backlight is working am nt able to get de required output...i hv compiled my lcd program on mplab and its working fine. even i hv simulated it on virtual (...)
Hi all... I am a newbie to PIC micros. I've learnt basic tutorials through online which uses assembly code. Now, I just want to display a string on 16x2 lcd using PIC 16f84a. I've googled it for number of times and I found that there is a directive in PIC assembly code called "DT" which can be used to display a string on
list p=16f84a ; list directive to define processor #include> ; processor specific variable definitions __CONFIG _CP_OFF & _WDT_OFF & _PWRTE_ON & _XT_OSC #define E_line 1 ;| #define RS_line 2 ;| ? from wiring diagram #define RW_line 3 ;| ; lcd line addresses (from (...)
Hi I'm new here and first time to use pic... can anyone help me to display a two different message in a 2x16 lcd using pic 16f84a? message would change when a switch is toggled. tnx :cry:
im using the new version of ccs c compiler. i am using pic 16f84a for my project. i am using 2*16 type of lcd DISPLAY. I have written the pgm for that. but i didnt get any any display in my lcd. can anyone plz check the codings??\ #include<lcd.c> vod main() { set_tris_b(0x00); set_tris_a(0x1f); icd _init (); (...)
Here I would like to ask some help..... For me it is the first time for interfacing HD44780 lcd with PIC 16F877.... How can I study for that...... I find some webpages which discuss about HD44780 and 16f84a..... So what is the different for programming with 16F877 and 16f84a? How can I upgrade the souce code of 16f84a (...)
Hello, This is my first post to this forum, so bear with me. I'm working on writing assembly code for a R/C microturbine tachometer. I'm very new to this so, I really could use some help. I'm using the PIC 16f84a micro controller chip, compling the language with MPLAb IDE v 7.30 and assembling the data with Mplasm. I'm having a problem displayi
Hi all, I?ve a 16x2 lcd module, not sure at all if it?s HD44780 compatible. I need to drive this one with 16f84a just to verify if it?s working properly. I tried to make it work with no good result. Can anybody give me the working code for the same? Thanks
Hello, This project is tested, it works fine. Originally the concept is not mine, but I have made some changes that can be used for PIC16f84a and code that is simplier to understand. This can add a visual control to your projects. Rar file includes PICBASIC Proton Code, JPG files of the Schematic, Proteus (ISIS) simulation files and Hex files. Fo
you can download circuit cellar from may 03 from, issue 154 here is with PIC 16f84a
Hi there, I'm still having problem with 4015 ic.I don't know how to use this ic with my mcu.What should i do, if i want to send data to output? Please point me some article + data + schematic + firmware source code etc. I'm trying to expand ports and drive 7 segment lcd with 16f84a Thanks in Advance. Analyzer. P.S. I can not understand d