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On above subject, I can successfully compile the code but cannot getting output in real pic simulator. I am taking input in A port and wanted output in LED as well as LCD. Code is given below. Plz suggest me which is the missing portion??? #include #include #include #include #define RS RE0 //L
Hello, Ive read the data sheet of PIC 16f877 and coded my microcontroller accordingly, but it does not appear to work. I am using sourceboost as my compliler. Here is my code: #include unsigned char adcconv(void); unsigned char inbyte; void config(void); void main(void) { config(); do{ portb=adcconv();
Hi Sir btbass, I am new in pic and I use 16f877A ,MPLAB and Hi-tech C compiler, I read about ADC for one month plus & try those who master in this code but does not work for me. Especially ADGO or GODONE always give me compiler error. --- undefined identifier "ADGO"-- Any advice form you Sir, Thanks a lot. ----------
sir, me new to pic micros. I have to measure 50Hz signal amplitude(230V,50Hz AC) using on-chip 10-bit adc.The ac signal is rectified , filtered and fed as dc(with max limit 5V) to a analog channel i/p say,AN0.I have com across following steps. 1) Configure analog/ digital i/o pins in ADCON1 2) selection of i/p channel in adcon0 3) Turn

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