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hello every one.. i got struck in a project where i need to turn on and off three motors depending on the operation using pic 16f877.. 1. 24v dc motor 2. 230v ac motor 3. 24v ac motor can any one please suggest me how to operate these motors with pic 16f877.. do i need (...)
I am just analysing a asm code based on the microchips project article "BLDC motor control made easy" also given as "00857a". i tried simulating the code using proteus with components of similar charectaristics and i am not able to get the output instead of which i am only getting the warning. I have attached all the project data. can you please t
i use the LM628 and pic 16f877 for a control of dc motor ,and i want to do some simulations before i buy the LM628 ,i work with proteus 7.6 software simulation but i don't find LM628 in the library ,please someone can help me
Hello, I finally built a working development/programming station for the 16f877. Switching from POSIX-threads-C to assembly language. I could use some help with the assembly code and parts for these Sub-Sections of the DC-motor throttle project I am working on: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Hi , i would like to control the switch of the ceiling fan rather than AC ceiling fan using PIC 16f877- basically just to show that motor speed can change... Isn't ok i goes with this idea? here is simple diagram of switch-ceiling fan..
hi, i have a project that about dtmf based stepper motor control via 16f877. when i pressed 4, the stepper motor turn anticlockwise. 6; turn the clockwise and 5 is stop the motor. how can i do this? anybody help me?
Hi all, can anyone enlighten me on how to control the speed of the vibrating motor using C programming for PIC 16f877? Or is there any reference online? Appreciate it. Thanks!:D
thanks for the reply. you are my savior! 1.first answer i'm try to using a printer motor. 2.then i 'm try to control the motor using PICF877 which is i really dont know anything about PIC program. 3. i try to apply an application of cutter machine which is motor1 is place on x axis and motor2 is placed on (...)
hi whats the best compiler for pic16f877a?? Search the board, you will get your answer. But I think any compiler is good depending on the kind of application. You can use CCS C, it is user friendly, but don't expect that it is the best.
Hi I m doing a project about controlling a solar cars dc motor by pic 16f877 or 16f84.. I did the motor's forward-back motion assembly code but when it comes to speed control ı have problems with PWM. I dont have enough backround in PWM and it's relation with pick. If anybody has a simulation about (...)
hi is anybody knows how to control a dcmotor with pic 16f877. or are there any other methods. please send me the codes or the circuit diagram, or tell me some web pages to find..
hi.. i am trying to control a servo motor using 16f877.. as i have searched on the web i learnt that we give pulses between 1-2 msec. and the period of the pulses is 20 ms. the pulse width determines the position of the servo. but as i tried it on both harware and in proteus i saw that regardless of the pulse duration the (...)
hi all i have the same problem and i need todo what kotsam wants to make i'm using the h-bridge l6203 and microcontroller pic16f877 but i'm using c language and the motor rating is 4 A 30 V would anybody send me a scematic of the circuit and the program. i have made the circuit and the program and it works fine when driving the h bridge (...)