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Hello Friends. I am trying to control PWM from the beginning I load-CCPR1L with value,that produce-8uS output impuls.When I press button I add value 0x14 that must produce 16uS output impuls.But the output impuls is not 16uS,it is about 100uS.I cannot find mistake in code.Where is mistake? I add sample of the code where-firs I load two r
would you plz attach ur circuit ? so we can help fixing your board search for my post "need help starting with 16f877" & see how bad a board i use with wires & its ok
pic 16f877 ADC is 10 bits only. it won't be sufficient for mpx4115 which returns you 0 to 5 volts to measure 0 to 1150mbar pressure you will get at best less than a mbar resolution ( not counting on noise and interferences) you need another ADC (like MCP3421 18bits) or you need an analog circuit to interface the mpx to the pic (with 2 op amps)
You could look for another code that interface with the LCD, preferably some one not precompiled, so that you could check in the code what resources are being used. In the case of the PWM of 16f877, this module already uses a timer to operate it, and I believe this is the most likely reason for not working, a same (...)
113562 hi I have a keyboard as I can see below seek to program the buttons with microcontrollers 16f877 the problem that I had two common on the keyboard (pin5 and pin6) I do not know how I will do to make the two buttons (b1 and b2) are a different action (b3 and b4) as progarmme with mikroC I am looking for a simpler me
Hi all, I'm trying to extend both input and output pin numbers of PIC 16f877. I'm using 2 x 74HC595 and 2 x 74HC165. It's nearly working but when I hit the first pin of first 74HC165 It's not working. When I hit the second one, both first and second pin of 74hc595 working. The other problem is when I hit the last pin of second 74hc165 firs
I would also like to read temp & press from BMP085. I cannot understand the datasheet(not so much into digital comms) and could not find suitable help on the web. I use 16f877 and Pic C language. As from this and related posts there are very few info shared and seems that non of these users are ever complete their (...)
I am a new learner. I have built temperature and Humidity indicator using PIC 16f877a (LM35 +SH20). I Have following two problems. 1) If I program to read only Temperature or only Humidity it shows correct. But when I select Temperature + Humidity - Both shows erratic reading ( RA1 and RA2). Request to suggest solution. 2) When I am rea
I want to use external interrupt in pic16f877 but cannot get the interrupt. Code is given below. Why it is not getting ??? I am using switch on RB0 pin and want to toggle the RB1 pin connected with LED. Plz support. #include #include void main() { TRISB0=1; TRISB1=0; // Configure Po
hi..i got two inputs from the led..and output as lcd display..if the 1st led lights up,the lcd will display 'in' and 2nd led lights up,lcd will display 'out',if both led lights up at the same time the lcd will show blank display n every displayed result will be reset after 10 using PIC16f877. this is the coding for lcd display [sy
Dear All, I cannot perform multiplication and division with integer number in pic 16f877 using hi-tech c compiler. What is reason behind that??? I cannot perform below code. #include #include #include #include void main() { unsigned int i=12,t=0,k=0,b=0; float j=0; t=i; b=i*0x2;
On above subject, I can successfully compile the code but cannot getting output in real pic simulator. I am taking input in A port and wanted output in LED as well as LCD. Code is given below. Plz suggest me which is the missing portion??? #include #include #include #include #define RS RE0 //L
I cannot manage to get the info I need from the DS1302 datasheet ?? not so clear for novices> I use the driver included in PCW PIC C to work my RTC. 32,768mhz x-tal no pull ups & no caps on X-tal DS1302.c from driver library I can read the sec & min, correctly, BUT nothing of the other VARs from the DS1302 is correct. To co
hello, I don't know if comparators have same philosophy in 16f877 as for PIC18Fx6k22 maybe it can help you.. can you post your code.. not all people have Proteus tools.. some works only in real world. I tested Comparators Hardware functions with a joystick (2 potars) to drive a LCD Menu.. and used booth comparator interrupt and pooling
hi how to make simulation for Ethernet controller by Proteus by PIC16f877A?
I want to help in this program there are some mistakes I did not know how to fix them thank you in advance 91902 program pfe; var //declaration de variable kp : byte; x,j,u: LONGINT; label temp,seuil,lum ,lampe,start; Procedure lam(); begin J:=adc_read(1); u:=adc_read(2); if j>u th
hi...can i operate RC servo with timer2 (CCP) in 16f877 i calculate timer2 time using prescaler and postscaler generate 20ms (50Hz) plus ,,,but whan i test in real time 20ms plus show 4ms plus .. i think my post scale not working ,,,,but why....plz help me..thanx.
For compatibility's sake, you may take a look at PIC16F873 or the PIC16F883. They have 28 pins by the way. As for 20 pins, I would recommend PIC16F690. It's feature-packed and very cheap. The registers are not exactly the same, but if you successfully used PIC16f877, you should quite easily be able to use PIC16F690 by consulting the datasheet. Ho
Hi, Can you please help me with this programming error. I am getting a compiler error "incomplete type is not allowed" for the following interrupt service routine code while compiling with PICmicro C compiler for a program running on PIC16f877: char channB = 0; int num = 0; void interrupt isr(void) //incomplete type is not allowed { (...)
I need for pic 16f877 controller? ccs compiler you can port it easily - - - Updated - - - do u want to display the value of ADC on seven segment? if so there is no need to convert to hex. please let me know if iam getting it right so that i can help you also let me know h0w many 7 seg