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Hi I have a G540 programmer and I have programed 16F628A and 16f84a, 16f877a ones. The 16F628A is very similar to the 16F648A but has only 2K of flash. The only mistake that you may have made that I can think of that will cause the problem you reported is to select the wrong device, the A at the end of the device name is ve
As of Multisim10 only 16F84 and 16f84a are supported. Proteus do support 16f877a, although its not free!
Hello i new in programming in PIC 16f84a and 16f877a i use Flowcode 4.2 i have some questions: 1-How can i make SIN COS TAn equations in PIC? 2-in flowcode the max. size for external eeprom is 4096 byte , is this is the max. size can i use with pic or i can using larger that 4k? 3-how can i connect the EEprom and TX,RX of MAX232 to PIC (Wiri
How can i generate random number using PIC Microcntroller (16f877a OR 16f84a )
Dear Sir, I would like to do some projects. I first intended to use 16f84a. But later I found that it don't have enough I/O pins. So I change to 16f877a. But unfortunately there is a lot of configurations for 16f877a for I/O ports. First I would like to use 16f877a as 16f84a. The only thing I choose (...)
Which PIC is best suit to connect with U2270B? Currently i've 16f84a and 16f877a. At the same time i need to connect this PIC to a bluetooth module (KC-21). Any suggestion?
hello When I needed a 16f877a programmer , I searched the web.. Yes I found many , but most of them are complex ( or at least not simple ) But I have found this programmer from my friend , it's very simple to use this
read about the differences in Microchip's migration notes. 16F877 --> 16f877a: 16F84 --> 16f84a:
can these 2 PIC communicate? if can, how is the pin should be connected because i didn't find any Rx or Tx pin on these two. i'm going to tun a dc motor controlled by pic16f84a, and i found it does not have a built-in pwm function. can anybody help me with the source code to run this motor? the compiler that i use is picc. thank you
I have made a K149A programmer, it programmes the 16f84a very well but donot programme the 16f877a .I have checked the hardware many times through out but there remains some problem it donot even detect the 16f877a . I have used a 16F628A instead of 16F628. Can some body help me about this problem. Is there an thing missing in (...)
Hi, How to use LM335Z in general and with 16f877a/16f84a ?controllers? Any beginners guide on this topic? Thanks in advance AG
From where can i download a good free pic simulator ( 16f84a & 16f877a in particular) other simulator found in MPlab , maybe a simulator where i can add leds and push buttoms. thx
Salam, Yes, It also support 16F877, 16f877a, 12F675, 12F629, 16F627, 16C84, 16F84 and 16f84a devices. Read SphinX