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I have difficulties to hear a clear question, I can just guess that the problem is how to connect two modules with UART interfaces to a PIC16f877a that has only one UART port? A simple way would be to switch to a more recent PIC type with two UARTs. Presuming you are tied to PIC16f877a, implementing a software UART would be another option. It ha
Hello all my dear friend! I know can only make portA for input, but how to make PORTC for input?
hello sir i am doing my project on embedded pic controller 16f877a and i have got the meter for reading the solar panel data such as volts ,amps, freq etc .and this data is taken from MODSCAN software ,but i want to use or import the data from MODSCAN to MATLAB please do tell me the procedure to import the data and display in matlab.
my project is to make a remote control's protocol decoder supposing that i have a remote control and dont know what its protocol so i wanna use my pic decoder to know it using pic 16f877a and MIKROC u know the recieved IR signal is a punch of pulses some are zeros and the others are ones if i know the width of every pulse and the time betwe
Questions: 1. is your 16f877a using a crystal oscillator? 2. are you confident enough to use interrupts? The crystal will be necessary if you want accurate timing. There are several ways to produce delays and each has good and bad points. The most 'universal' method is to use timers and interrupts but the code is more complicated. You can do it
Hi, i am new to PIC microcontroller programming. i just installed the MPLAB, when i testing with the code online which i think is error free, it failed to build. it comes out the message below: Build C:\Users\Fei\Desktop\Final Year project\PIC code\test\test1 for device 16f877a Using driver C:\Program Files (x86)\HI-TECH Software\PICC\
i am doing a timer project in pic16f877a to control 3phase motor. to prevent emi i am using rc snubber in the motor side then using line filters in the microcontroller supply side then i am also using 5v TVS diode, more than this to prevent external emi i am covering the whole pic board with aluminium box and connecting the aluminium box to the neg
hi.. i m making a project in which i need to extract the longitude and latitude from GPS frame. The problem is that i am unable to extract the $GPRMC frame through PIC 16f877a . but when i connect my GPS with PC , i can read the frame on hyperterminal. can you please help me out? what could be the problem? i m using proton ide for programming
my project block diag: keypad(input)=>pic16f877a=>max232=>DTMF encoder=>RF 433 ASK Tx => RF 433 ASK Rx=>DTMF decoder=>max232=>pic16f877a=>relays the data is being correctly transmitted and received using max232. so in cross questioning if i asked why i'm using max232 is then what will be the answer?? plz help me
code did not response: void sim_time() { unsigned char atcmd1="AT+CCLK?\r"; for(i=0;i<12;i++) { putchar(atcmd1); } putchar(buffer1); putchar(0x0D); // enter key //while(getchar()!=':'); //while(getchar()!=0x0A); delay_ms(10000); // lcd_clear(); for(i=4;i<20;i++) { buffer1[
hi, With a 16f877a PIC configure the PIC as the master and just read the I2C 24C04 EEPROM data into the PIC. Do you have a datasheet for the IR thermometer which shows the I2C protocols required.? Which language do you use for programming.? If its assembler I may be able to help. E
Dear all My project is to receive sensor data at I2C of PIC and transfer it to raspberry pi via SPI How can I interface my PIC and raspberry pi so that PIC starts receiving data as per command (SPI master---> raspberry pi, slave---> PIC) Need your suggestion to interface my 16f877a PIC with raspberry pi for mentioned case Regards
Hi all!............... pls, anyone help me!..... I'm doing automatic welcome screen project, when a person arrive, the screen should be open automatically, harware connection was made, but my software has many malfunctions!........ pls help me for pin declaration, assigning input and output pins!........ when PIR goes high it
In my project i am using 16f877a & created 2 pwm in timer2 using pwm mode and also used timer 0 for external interrupt count and timer 1 to decrement a variable for every 1 second if i use pwm and timer0 there is no problem in pwm.but if i use all three timer pm getting affected
friends, how to generate a 38khz pulse signal ,to operate the IR LED using pic16f877a? i need a code for micro c:-|
Hello experts In my project , I want control & display the speed of the Wiper Dc motor(12v,5v). For this I am using the PIC 16f877a and IRFP150n (MOSFET). Now I control speed of the motor with help of PWM. I am using the proximity sensor to sense the speed.for my problem , how can get the speed with help of the proximity output si
hi .. i'm new in mplab i wana to display heart rate in lcd ... i used pic 16f877a Warning C:\Users\SILE1411\Desktop\HR\Untitled.c; 2.7 illegal # directive "device" Warning C:\Users\SILE1411\Desktop\HR\Untitled.c; 4.6 illegal # directive "FUSES" Warning C:\Users\SILE1411\Desktop\HR\Untitled.c; 5.6 illegal # directive
do i need an Xbee or a ZigBee to send a msg from the GSM to the PIC 16f877a thank you
hi i have a GSM module and PIC16f877a , any project suggestions please thank you
Please, am new to the project world. I am also a newbie at this forum. Pls i need help concerning this project. I am meant to 'get speed' and 'set speed' using a GSM modem, PIC 16f877a, LCD, DC motor, Optical encoder. I don't know how to program the microcontroller to set the speed using PWM and get the speed from the Optical encoder.
pic 16f877a is a best controller for this project. This contains inbuilt ADC , SPI protocol. so it is very effective for your project.
I need to interface IR sensor (black&white) digitally with PIC uC 16f877a. My project is to control room appliances e.g light, fan etc through IR technology like remote control turns on/off a TV. Please help me ithe project and kindly provide me schematic diagram circuit and code. I wud be very thankful to you.
Hello, I'm an engineering student and im making this project just for education purpose, I'm using: -PIC 16f877a with 10 Mhz quartz -DS1307 with 32.75 kHz crystal The problem is that after some time (random, sometimes 10 minutes, sometimes 10 days) the DS1307 just stops incrementing the time. BUT after I "reprogram" the DS1307 (set the time
I need hellp am trying digital clock using pic 16f877a interfaceing with rtc 1305 and seven segment leds please give source commend and how to flash pic using in circuit serial programing,......................
i doing project using ps2 controller, but i having big problem in programming......can anyone help me please....example like if a button of ps2 controller pressed and the pic output example like RB0 = 1;
Hello there I am busy with a project where I must use a 4x4 matrix keypad to display 40 characters i.e (A-Z,0-9,comma,decimal point, exclamation mark and question mark) using alpha numerical display(same way the old non-touch screen cell phones worked). I am using a 16f877a PIC and programming in MikroC compiler for PICS. Now program
Hello there,I would like to make a counter counting from 00-99 and then go to start (go to 0),the added push button when pressed it reset the PIC;I am using ccs c compiler. can you please help,here are the complete project,proteus simulation and the codes I tried to run;it is working but jumping some digits (0,6,8 and 9). See the codes below,
this is my clock project using 8051 just change the ic and get an led matrix just changing the IC won't do the job you need to write code for 16f877a
hi guys i have programmed my pic 16f877a to do led chaser and here's the code in assembly languge main: clrf PORTD bsf STATUS,RP0 movlw 0x00 movwf TRISD bcf STATUS,RP0 movlw 0x09 ; number of shifts that the pic will do movwf n1 movlw 0x08 movwf n2 movlw 0x07 movwf n3 movlw 0x06 movwf n4 movl
Hi, Have a look on these files. it uesd pic 16f877a!!!!:razz::razz::razz::razz::razz::razz::razz:
now i'm make a project that when i press a push button for a Time then when i leave this push button , i need to make a led on for the same time that i pressed the push button by using timer 1 on pic 16f877a how to do that ?! my code : int Duration; int TimeValue; void main() { TRISB.B7=1; // i/p for pic --> push button TRISB.B6=0; // o/
Hope this tutorial is useful for you
hi, i need help my project is taking about auto drive system, i'm using 4 ping sensor HC-SR04 and microcontroller pic 16f877a, and i have a problem with MikroC code, for calculating duration and i will use this rule to calculate the distance: (duration/29.1) / 2 i have written this code and i hope anyone to help me plz :) TRISB.f1=0; // tr
Hai friends, I am going to do a project based on PIC16f877a controller, which reads the signal from a MQ-5 gas sensor, and the controller should send a message from a gsm module if there is a gas leakage detected and at the same time PIC should close the solenoid vale connected to the out put port. can anyone suggest the circuit
It use PIC16f877a and CCS C Code. The project files are attached in that thread.
Hello! i want to build a project wich i can add time alarm + text and when the alarm will turn on i mean : if((alarm_hour == hours) && (alarm_min == mins )) // If it is alarm time, a small text will appear in the LCD wich i already written it such a variable i have the project of the alarm clock with the code in mikroC and also the progr
Hi, I'm doing my project.... here, I have to interface ADXL345 accelerometer with pic 16f877a and read the output of accelerometer. my aim is to calculate impact force measurement. can any one provide me with program for interfacing(spi) (c language).... its a little bit urgent....
hello! i want to make a electronic project by pic16F84A the project it's a clock alarm for students where they can programme this circuit by setting the time of their review (homework) and in the specific time the circuit Should ring and show matter that must be reviewed in a 14 segments display i need your help i'm just a begginer and i nee
hello i need helpin my project that have AT commands in fact my project is a little to wide but first of all iam learning is how to make a phone call by sending AT commands from my 16f877a pic to the GSM module then i will move on to send data i get from the pic to a specific URL to be analyzed anws iam using GSM340Z and Smart SIM340 from (...)
Hi. I have an issue about a program for my project. I am taking two inputs from RD0 and RD1. When RD0 is 1, the output at PORTB should be 1. When RD0 goes to 0, controller should check for RD1. When RD1 is 0 while RD0 is also 0, the output at PORTB should be 0. When RD1 goes to 1 while RD0 is 0, the output at PORTB should be 1. The program executes
plz help how to plot sine wave in glcd, i am using pic 16f877a and ccs c compiler.I am working on this from past two weeks didn't got output .....plz help
Dear Sir i am doing a project on pic16f877a for multichannel ADC i.e 3 phase 415 volts Analog voltage to digital voltage using PIC ADC on display on LCD 4 bit mode using 4 MHZ XT crystal oscillator if have solved these type of projects plese let me know with code Thanks & Reagards Dhananajaya
Hello friends, I am currently doing my final yr project and it involves interfacing a GSM Modem with PIC16f877a. I have gone thru so many threads about GSM interface with PIC. however, i have a USB GSM modem and i would like to know if i can connect my USB Modem directly to Rx and Tx pins of the PIC for serial communication like sending AT comm
dear sir, i am doing my project gsm modem interfacing with pic 16f877a+hitech c...i have done by sending sms,,but now problam with receiving plz help to i receive sms using interruts... thanks in advance..........
no thz dont have freq option but if u want to make project then u have to implement ckt of pic 16f877a
I'm new to PIC programming. Can someone please tell me what are the factors that I should be concerned about when setting ADC and timer clock inputs. I have given a project to complete but this is not my study area. I'm learning everything from the beginning. I've written the code but I need it to be accurate. I'm using CCS C. Thanks in advanc
hi; kindly tell me the difference between pic16f877 and pic16f877a . can they b used for the same purpose interchangably i.e; one in place of other. my first project on pic has been started and i need your help. thank u Thread: What are the major differences in PIC16F877 vs PIC16f877a? www.edab
sorry i don't have sample program for that ic i found this link which has the sample program for pic 16f877a this will help you.
Hi i am using PIC 16f877a with Wavecom WMO2 GSM modem to read income massage or saved massage in SIM and respond for it please i have to handle my project in 14/5/12 and this is the final piece so if there is any one can help me i would be thankfull
hi all need some idea. bellow are my coding that get from cyrton. //============================================================================================= // // Author :Cytron Technologies // project :DIY project // project description :PR6-Bluetooth Remote Control // Date :21 May 2009 // //==================