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Hi friends, i'm doing a circuit for communicating 2 pic's in master and slave mode. In this data from port B of master is transmitted in serial to the slave and output the data to port B of slave. but its not working. there is no response. I'm using pic 16f877a, 20MHZ xtal. please help here is the circuit 135046
Dear All, I'm trying to create a software UART for my 16f877a controller for interfacing serial bluetooth and gsm modem for a home automation purpose. But i got stuck in the first step itself. First i tried FORCE_SW function on the CCS C complier but it is not working properly. i mean, the data displayed on the terminal is full of junk. the c
I can't see anything on the development board that lets you use it to program the 16f877a, it looks like it can only be used for experimenting with software. The white connector on the right side might have "ICSP" (In Circuit serial Programming) written beside it, I can't see clearly, if it does, you might be able to plug a programmer into it. You
hi, I don't use C programming, but PORTD and E2,1,0 of the 16f877a are designed to operate with external peripherals , ie: printer etc. Look up your printer Character and Control codes. E
I am using PIC 16f877a I am using serial communication using PIC when i press switch on PIC i want a file like music to turn ON on my pc, can i do it using PC.
Good morning Ladies & Gents, I have a slight issue that has been troubling me for a few days. I have a PIC 16f877a which is part of my data logging system, this records data and sends it to a RPi. Currently the entire system is powered by a voltage regulator circuit, this has proven capable of supplying the PIC and associated circuits with the
Hi, I want to connect PIC to FM TX and then to transmit digital signals from PIC UART TX over FM. And want to connect another PIC to FM RX and then to recieve digital signals transmitted by TX. Can any one help me about it.:-?
I've done UART communication,with virtual serial port driver. Hope it would be helpful to you the newbeez to microcontroller. Here is the sample code in Mikro c and simulated in ISIS. :)
Hello , can any one please give a simple code that generates random serial numbers to the RS232 port , i need to run some operations on it thank you
Hello! All, I am really glad that usually I find most of the solutions in this site. Tnx to all for providing such support with their expertise and wisdom. I am working with a temperature sensor. Its a PIC 16f877a, LM35 based temperature sensor. Its working perfectly. But now I want to use KST TX01 and KST RX 806 TX-RX module to send and receive
hi, i'm using jz862 serial antenna and i want to connect it with pic 16f877a and i need code for this help me plzzzz if you can :) !!!
HI HXSP-2108E is a converter form serials to TCP/IP I wont to connect H
Hi i have connected a potentiometer to pin AN 2 of pic16f877a .The 10 bit ADC converts input from 0-1023 . Now ,i want to transmit the data serially to arduino uno R3 and display on the monitor .I have connected the Tx of pic to Rx of arduino and also have a common ground .I have also created a software serial port in the Arduino so that (...)
is it possible to send number from Pic (16f877a) to Arduino ????
Idea for code generator for PIC16f877a This app in C# (webform or winform) will generate code, in part if not all, for a multiprocessor network using the SPI sync serial port and each digital and analog io port to take readings from sensors, switches and control digital output. Each processor goes into a loop (after calling the appropriate init
hy: i m reading the GSM sim900 data on interupt after AT+CMGR=1 but Garbage come on my lcd ,,,can any one chack my receiving code,, uC 16f877a,,,,Compiler Hitech. //////////////serial Interrupt Setting///////////////////// //////////////////Rx Interupt//////////////////////////// void interrupt receive(void) { if(RCIE && RCIF)
Since the GPS module has RX and TX pins, you can use the UART module of the PIC16f877a. The PIC168F77A has an on-board hardware UART module. First consult the datasheet to read about it. Then go through Hi-Tech C resources to find out about the UART module functions, routines, etc. Hope this helps. Tahmid.
i want to interface rfid reader with pic16f877a...can anybody help me?
Hello there, I was wandering wether anyone can help me on a way to transmit a character message that is inputted from the LCD, in serial form (1 bit at a time), on an LED. The texting programming has been finished but the only thing remaining is to find a way to make an LED flash according to the saved message. Thanks in advance
Hello I am unable to develop pic 16f877a burner circuit though i have search net and worked according to the circuit diagram but still the program is not been uploaded in the chip. Please help me.:-D