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LEDs at PORTD are blinking about after 3 seconds Is there problem with oscillator selection? PIC 18f4550 MikroC pro Code: void main() { TRISD = 0x00; while(1) { PORTD = 0xFF; Delay_ms(100); PORTD = 0x00; Delay_ms(100); } } 127422
My assignment is planning an inverter, the first thing I will do is generating a sinus pwm. I have researched, and I've decided to use pic18f4550 to generate spwm. The problem is that it is just going one way, I have to ask why it isn't running, I created my sinus table, theoretically it has to work. I am sending picture to help me. Please help
Code get reset for 4-5 times at starting if i add some delay in while loop. i have used following configuration setting. // config1L #pragma config PLLDIV = 5 // PLL Prescaler Selection bits (Divide by 5 (20 MHz oscillator input)) #pragma config CPUDIV = OSC1_PLL2// System Clock Postscaler Selection bits ([Primary (...)
i have doubt regarding oscillator frequency. i am using 18f4550, XC8 compiler, primary oscillator of 20MHz. i am keeping following configuration #pragma config FOSC=HS, FCMEN=ON, WDT=OFF, IESO=ON, XINST=OFF, LVP=OFF #define _XTAL_FREQ 20000000 so it cleared that i am using machine cycle of 5MHz frequency. bit 4-3 CPUDIV1:CPUDIV0: (...)
i am using pic 18f4550 pic controller and xc8 compiler. I need serial bootloader now for same pic.i have for pic 16f876a but not for 18f4550. and please provide tutorial for same. - - - Updated - - - i read the following link for
i am facing problems in interfacing gsm sim 900 with pic18f4550. the code seems to have nothing wrong with it, could any one help me with it. #include18f4550.h> #include # pragma config WDT=OFF # pragma config LVP=OFF # pragma config FOSC=HS # pragma config IESO=OFF # (...)
I am using MPLAB X v1.30. I set the internal oscillator as MCU source clock by setting FOSC = INTOSC_HS. According to datasheet of PIC 18f4550 the default internal oscillator frequency is 1MHz, and that can be changed by setting OSCCON <6:4>. I changed the frequency (8MHz) at start of my main program, but found by soft simulation in MPLAB X that th
We're using PIC18f4550 and we need to drive an ultrasonic sensor which needs 5V trigger to its Trig pin, but our PIC outputs only 2.57V. //initialization RD0_BIT = 1, // this only sends 2.57V to the ultrasonic sensor. Delay_us(10); RD0_BIT = 0; ....... please help
Hello, I'm trying to use WDT for power saving modes with 18f4550 micro-controller, but it seems only to go to sleep and it won't wake up. The code is bellow. Am I doing something wrong? #include 18f4550.h> int COUNTER=0xFF; #pragma config DEBUG = ON #pragma config ICPRT = OFF #define NOP #define (...)
I am having trouble in using 18f4550 as USB device ( I tried all the firmwares from microchip ) , I think its because of the faulty fuse settings in the burner (Microburn) , someone kindly review the setting and advice me a good setting 62474 thanks varun
57881 Here is the Windows 7 (x64) unofficial drivers of Proteus ISIS USB option.:wink: 57882 Now you can simulate 18f4550 USB examples or etc. in windows 7 x64 (64 bit)! It works! download this:57871
look at mikroElektronika • View topic - MIKROC PRO AND 18f4550 USB WORKING CODE AND config NEEDED? USB - First try - PIC 18f4550 YouTube -
You will need to look at the datasheet for the configuration settings. Every device is different. The 18f4550 has a PLL and therefore has lots of possible oscillator configurations. r.b.
Please help! Part of code(written in C) in MPLAB is: TRISA=0xf0; ADCON1=0x0f; but when I try to simulate it and to give PORTA some values it does not respond. I tried with LATA but its the same. I check WATCH all the time: TRISA and ADCON1 are OK but PORTA still does not respond. Does anyone has some idea? Is it the problem with configuration b
Why didn't my code work but Colbhaidh's work? Did I miss some crucial config directives? Any help will be appreciated. I can see 2 differences that may be important: 1) You didn't set DEBUG bit to OFF. I think it's not OFF by default ( I may be wrong, you can check). 2) You selected FOSC = HSPLL_HS but you didn't configure