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mikro c v5.6.1 pic 18f4550 20MHz oscilator(15pf) Hello. I can't get lcd to work.He always shows squares. Frequency is set to 48 MHz. Diplay is ok because he worked with pic 16f887.When I try 18f with led's(using diferent delays) he works ok. here is code: // lcd module connections sbit lcd_RS at latb4_bit; sbit (...)
hi code wrote for gyro sensor shows -1 -1 -1 in lcd, it is not changing when i change my sensor. my code is#Include <18f4550.h> #fuses NOWDT,HS //#fuses HS,MCLR,NOWDT,NOPROTECT,NOLVP,USBDIV,PLL5,CPUDIV1,VREGEN #use delay(clock=4000000) #use i2c(Master,sda=PIN_B0,scl=PIN_B1) #define lcd_ENABLE_PIN PIN_C2 #define (...)
877 doesn't have USB. Use PIC18f4550.
First, you don't seen to have any decoupling capacitors at the power pins of the 18f4550. These are essential (although the chip might work without them, you'll more likely have problems). I take it you are pulling the chip off the board to program it, since you have used the PGC/PGD lines for the lcd databus. Other than that, without
Before this, I had tested the lcd 16x2 and it can be done successfully with the experts' helps from here. Thanks a lot. Now, I'm testing the dc motor with PIC18f4550 with the coding below with ccs c compiler. #include <18f4550.h> #fuses NOLVP, NOWDT, HS, NOPBADEN #use delay(clock=20M, crystal) #define L293D_2 PIN_B3 #define
Hi, I am new here. Hope can get help since i'm unable to interface the lcd with my PIC18f4550 by using CCS compiler. I'm not too familiar with the C programming, but i tried to write out a C code. Hope you guys can check and inform me any errors occured. my connection for the lcd to the PIC18f4550: RS----RB4 R/W--Gnd (...)
I have an ADC result which varies from 0 to 249 in binary. I want to convert this to 00 to 30 which is to be displayed in lcd display. I have already programmed the lcd display in assembly language and is displaying whatever I transfer to it. Just stuck with this conversion. Can anyone please help? I am coding in assembly language. Or just give me
Check out the 18f4550 datasheet section on PORTC. PORTC bits 4 and 5 can only be used for USB or as digital inputs. They cannot be used as ouputs. You will need to avoid using C4 and C5 when connecting your lcd. Hope this helps
hi all, im also using ES51918 without a display.and i thought of using Alpha numeric lcd for its display and 18f4550 pic micro controller for the operation.somebody has an idea to handle the serial data ? im in a difficult situation.. Also if someone bought the lcd for ES51918 can u send me the link... ur valuable help will be (...)
Can anyone give some basic ADD and MINUS calculator source code to me? Or anything relate with simple calculator might help? pls, i needed it . thk for helping, *** bless
#include <lcd.c> #include <18f4550.h> #include #fuses HS,NOWDT,NOPROTECT #use delay(clock=20000000) Always Describe MicroController Hex files and other settings first like that #include <18f4550.h> #fuses HS,NOWDT,NOPROTECT #use delay(clock=20000000) #use rs232(baud=9600,parity=N,xmit=PIN_C6,rcv=
Hi For All First of all excuse me about my English. I want to show file or folder name of flash memory on lcd character but I don't know how to Start and I doubt this project is Possible or no?! Your Sincerely SAEID
it doesnt works i duuno why plss help (crystal 20mhz - pic18f4550 - lcd backlight) #include 18f4550.h> #include #include lcd.h> #pragma config FOSC = HS,FCMEN = OFF,IESO = OFF #pragma config PWRT = ON,BOR = OFF,BORV = 0 #pragma config WDT = OFF #pragma config MCLRE = OFF,LPT1OSC = OFF,PBADEN (...)
That 12" 800x600 display panel requires complex display driver circuitry. It cannot be connected directly to a 18f4550
Hello everybody..... I am facing some problem to interface the 16*2 lcd (JHD 162A) with PIC 18f4550. I am using mikroC compiler. Bellow is the circuit connection and program. Anybody please check it and help me about this. The system is not working. ================= Connection pin ================= lcd ---------------
hi I have to build a board with 18f4550 and my device have to get information from pc and show it on lcd or etc.. but the problem is that, despite my researches, I found nothing about it. I know pic assembly, and visual basic6 ( I can use pic basic pro) , I've tried Easy Hid but that program does only connection, I don't know how to send informati
I have been googling for a long time, I found almost all other libraries (for AVR, non-graphic lcd, Basic, ...) but couldn't find one for Microchip C18 (with 18f4550). Can you please tell me a way to find them or simply send them to me. I only need two files like "glcd.h" and "glcd.c". If you want to send via mail feel (...)
hi!!! The only changes i made are as below #define RTC_SDA PIN_B0 #define RTC_SCL PIN_B1 and this is codes #include <18f4550.h> #fuses HSPLL,USBDIV,PLL5,CPUDIV1,VREGEN,NOWDT,NOPROTECT,NOLVP #use delay(clock=48000000) //,RESTART_WDT #include #include <lcd.c> #define lcd_RS PIN_D0 #define (...)
There is a sample program in my Unicorn manual on my site for a 16x2 lcd on a 18f4550, should be easy enough to convert.