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Hello every body, After applying HID usb with 18f4550 example using usb Power and external power supply, my laptop usb ports don't work. if i want use it, i must shutdown laptop at 15-20 minutes. if i connect any device, it work little time then stop. so If any one face these problems can you help (...)
You can use some uC with builtin usb support. You can use PIC18f4550 see this example :
hi every1..... This question is about usb HID interface with PC using 18f4550. I know there r plenty of examples in the net to get to know about it. I recently found an HID library called "HIDLibrary.dll" compiled by Mike O Brien. With the dll file i found a example as well. But the problem is i cudnt find a Mikroc (...)
i m doing a project on usb HID device using PIC18f4550. the connections seems to be perfect. but when connected i see this msg "usb device not recognised" . i checked for driver to reinstall it. it says "no need of drivers or no driver is found" what does this mean? m really confused. pls help me guys. if u can help with hardware (...)
Iam using Mikro C And PIC 18f4550 for my project, Here iam in problem that how to read and write data from my device and PC through usb. Iam compailed the example code in Mikro C and the HID device was detected. But my question is how to read and write data from usb??? aim just trying the following code, if a data received (...)
look at mikroElektronika • View topic - MIKROC PRO AND 18f4550 usb WORKING CODE AND CONFIG NEEDED? usb - First try - PIC 18f4550 YouTube -
For a project I need to send AT commands to Pic chip over usb and send these data to GSM modem which has serial port connection. And I also need to send responses back to PC. I dont know which headers, fuses that I have to use. I use 18f4550, telit ez10 Gps modem. ( GM 862 ) I looked CCS C ex_usb_serial.c example can I (...)
simply I need my computer to detect a usb connection in proteus my sch as shown the crystal is 20Mhz and i setup usb drivers my simple code is the example at the mikroc projects usb read and write unsigned char k; unsigned char userWR_buffer, userRD_bu
i did the example usb_oscope (explaining bulk data transfer) and it worked. I want the stored array(in that example) to be replaced by array with sampled adc data. I initialized the internal adc to work, and declared an array to hold these values. now the device is not detected in usb wen i plug in the (...)
I have been experimenting with the CREATE usb Interface: This project will show up as a HID device (gamecontroller). The example project from that page is written in C18 for mplab. I was able to read the output of the pic (from analog inputs) in a C# program based on the software in this article: [ur
I tried another exams. 18f4550, cdc, mouse, jademo .. with 20Mhz xtal. but Full speed mode works only with usb2.0 hardware. If you want to use with usb 1.1 compatible hw. pic should works at 24Mhz (20Mhz xtall), and fuses must set correctly as mentioned *.txt which in usb18 folder (pbp2.46).
i guess the pic18f4550 stil new to everybody. i think if you read the datasheet through you could program the pic since it the instruction are simillar to other picmcu