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Dear Friends I have to started this project LINK : It's working fine But I want to add gsm modem (Sim 300) for Remote monetoring and controlling purpose Is it possible or not I don't have a knowldge of Surce code changeing Please help me
when I started the simulation; pin D- not modeled pin D+ not modeled please haw to correct this problem
Hi, here i want to interface usb with PIC controller(PIC18f4550). I want to control basic leds from the PC and i want display adc values in PC. Did any one tried this one, please help me. I have project submission next week. PIC 18f4550 usb IO (Input / Output) Board with Analog www.circuitvall
Hi every one! How can I create a program that is interface by which PC and 18f4550 could communicate via usb (HID) communication. A simple program with three buttons(switch on/off leds) and one progress bar(for ADC signal). I mean, what is the program language that have direct access to usb port (may be C++,C#,Pascal or (...)
hi every1..... This question is about usb HID interface with PC using 18f4550. I know there r plenty of examples in the net to get to know about it. I recently found an HID library called "HIDLibrary.dll" compiled by Mike O Brien. With the dll file i found a example as well. But the problem is i cudnt find a Mikroc firmware example for it.
How about using a usb interface instead of serial? I've recently made a keyboard interface to update an old mechanical keyboard. The usb side of it was very simple, just defining the usb interface on a PIC 18f4550 as a standard HID/keyboard. Then just send the right key (...)
I guess you are using MPLAB IDE with C-18 toolsuite. See these links - 18f4550 usb interface Now, MicroC Pro for Pic is a C compiler. It has built in library for usb HID and many other peripherals. Its has a sample routine for pic18f4550 in its h
Hi, I am working on a little project composed of a VNC1L chip connected to a 18f4550 Microchip pic via the spi interface. The goal is to handle an usb joystick. The communication with the two chips works fine: The joystick is recognized, the report descriptor is read for decoding data coming from the joystick. After the (...)
look at mikroElektronika • View topic - MIKROC PRO AND 18f4550 usb WORKING CODE AND CONFIG NEEDED? usb - First try - PIC 18f4550 YouTube -
I am making a project of controlling and monitoring speed of dc motor. The pc software is labview and controller is pic 18f4550. I am using usb interface. I downloaded file mpusbapi.dll and made program over labview by calling the dll file. But now I am in difficulty how to make firmware and how to call the dll file in pic (...)
now that you needed usb interface, it is time to change over to a better device like 18f4550 it has internal usb support, and needed drivers would be available on microchip site
Hi, check this link, based on C#, contains also code 18f4550 usb interface -- getting a usb interface working between an 18f4550 PIC and a PC using C# 2.0
pic 18f4550 bootloader + firmware go solve
The 18f4550 cannot act as a usb host only a slave.
use pic 18f4550 microcontroller it has the built in usb interface
U CAN TRY THE MICROCHIP 18f4550 series of processors . a lot of application notes are avaiable at the microchip website.
You can use directly the 16C745 and 16C765 PIC models for use with usb 1.1. Better options are the 18F2550 18f4550 models that work with usb 2.0. No need to interface them. Look for programs, application notes and code examples in the Microchip site ( )
I have been experimenting with the CREATE usb interface: This project will show up as a HID device (gamecontroller). The example project from that page is written in C18 for mplab. I was able to read the output of the pic (from analog inputs) in a C# program based on the software in this article: [ur
18f4550 is a slave usb device. It cannot be used in that way.
i've problem ,When i interface my board with computer my computer can't found my board and it's show "unknow device" how can i do!