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HI all, I am making a small project in which i am using a 3.7v li-ion 2600mah Battery, 20x4 lcd, step up converter, mosfet, 89S52 and a keypad. my concept is to just print a command on lcd. so for that i wrote a command like... printscreen("HELLO WORLD, HOW ARE YOU"); i prints absolutely fine. but the problem is it prints giving s
This is Multiple I2C lcd code. It is written using CCS C Compiler version 5.044. This si tested in Proteus and also EasyPIC v7 development board with 2 x 20x4 lcds. lcds should be HD44780 or compatible. I have used I2C lcds and I2C lcd modules from Banggood. I will soon (...)
Hello Guys......... I connected my 4x20 lcd to pic18f4550..But it not even displaying a character.....i used a 10k pot for contrast....The Backlight is working fine....i used 4 lcd pin for data (D4-D7) , Remaining data pins (D0-D3) are left alone...I dont know why it is not working .... Plz Help me Guys.............
I am working on the project with ADuc7026 microcontroller. I would like to interface 20x4 lcd Display with controller. I have tried the initialisation of lcd display from the lcd library. Only First line and third line get initialised. I need some help to get out of this issue.
PIC30F5011/MPLAB 8.8v Interfaces _ 24LC256, 20x4 lcd, DS1307, 4x4 matrix keypad, external osc 8 Mhz. Hi, I made a code accessing these interfaces, and this whole thing works absolutely fine when I am using without hyperterminal. But some times when I connect to hyperterminal the micro-controller starts to reset and it never (...)
hello Friends I am working on 20x4 lcd interfacing with LPC2368. I already work on 16x2 lcd. Is both display initialization same? how to write data on different line I mean what is line address? does any one have experience on 20x4
Jestin_cubetech, please send the all code of your 3 Wire serial lcd !!! Thanks.
Can anyone give me a working mikroC or mikroBasic code for PIC16F877A based lcd Progress Bar. The lcd should be 20x4 Char type.
if you are learning, is best to start with a text lcd, the hdt44780-like lcd, or just 16x2 lcd (also they come in may sizes from 8x1 to 20x4 characters or more!) it's easy, it's well know, many people work with them everyday. also there is a plenty of code for them! it's better to begin with a parallel (...)
Hello dears! I wana display user defined functions on Alphanumeric lcd(20x4). For this, i have to use CGRAM of lcd. I think CGRAM address starts from 0x40 to 0x7f. So i have to store the user defined characters in these locations, then to display at lcd.. When I wrote a code and stored a user (...)
Hi everybody I have connected a 20x4 alphanumeric lcd to ATmega128 and I want to use mikroC lcd library to initialize and write on it. But at the beginning, initialization process failed and doesn't work. I have simulated the code in Proteus and worked but on my board there isn't any desired output! Is there anyone that (...)