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it seems your little board has a 220 resistor which should be enough for this task. I think that your problem reside in another part... your emitter board has a small led, does it turns on when you send a command? does it keep stuck when it fails? if so, maybe your amplifier is too high, try lowering the volume, and maybe add an inverse polarized
hello i used this circuit for light on led. 99275 R = 82k - 250mw D = 1N4007 Is this circuit safe for work long time? is there any better idea? Thanks.
i want to design rgb bulb led light which take electricity directly from 220 VAC or 110 VAC source and light up the bulb, any help? What do you mean directly? led needs DC ...
You must use transformer, reactive capacitance (capacitor like a resistor), smps, etc... ( ) ( ) Caution, Electric Shock Risk!!!
i know there are many led driver ICs but is there any circuit diagram ? i need constant current 300 or 350 ma, 220 Vac input.
I like 330 or 220 for the led resistor. Makes them nice a bright. You'll also need a 0.1uF decoupling cap between Vss & Vdd
That is a pretty broad request. i simple led is easy. set up an led on a breadboard with a resistor, maybe like a 220 ohm. hook it up to like a 5V power supply and you should see the led light up. there are two leads to the led, the anode and the cathode. Generally the anode would get the resistor with the (...)
Hello. I am looking a transformerless PSU circuit for 220 V AC. There are a lot of circuits on the internet but some of them not very good. I will use this PSU for led lamp. And calculations.How can I calculate the output voltage,current for one led or five led. Thanks.
hi i have a sysytem works with linear power supply,but i have a problem to switch from 110 to 220v . i need a shematic that can know electronically 110 v or 220 v,like the led will turn on if the voltege is 220v . pleas if anyone has this shematic for that circuit send it to me regard