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I am doing a project on Power Line Communication. So I need to send data at 100 KHz on 220 Volts Power line at 50 Hz. Hence I need to attenuate 220 Volts at 50 Hz to the minimum possible level. For this I will have to use Passive High Pass Filter both at Transmitter and Receiver end. Filter would be a combination of Capacitors and Inductors.
Hello all, I am in need of some help. I am in need of a transformerless power supply will allow me to have a universal ac input 110/220 volts and an output of 12 Volts at 3 amps. I had a couple of old monitors around the house that were auto switching. I traced out the ac portion of one of the
Can any one help in making 100+ watt inverter, 12v to 220v AC50 Hz,Using ferrite core transformer to run thr inverter at say 40Khz to 100 Khz,using a microcontroller in the high frequency section & then from Dc high voltage to 50Hz using another microcontroller or conventional components.Please post circuit diagrame etc. KKM
HI i have 220v AC voltage and want to convert it to 5 v DC and to 18 V DC. i know there is a technique for using Resistor, Capacitor and Diode instead of using the transformer. can you provide me with your ideas, reviews, and the most important is the scientific name of this method, i donot the exact name of this type of voltage conversion. THa
Hi What type of BACKUP supply you want. Mains (220/110V) or simply a DC voltage. Do you need any stabilization in the supply ?.And what is the working voltage, i,e; the input voltage ?.
Hello, Just change the transformer. Select a similar VA rating but a primary voltage of 220 V AC. (of course, you have to use the same secondary voltage as indicated on circuit). Regards
You can use step down transformer to step down 220vAC to say 12Vac or if you just want to sense the voltage & there is no need of isolation then you can use simple resistor divider.
i'm designing a dimmer for a halogen lamp (15VAC 150watt) using a triac (BTA16) controlled by a microcontroller....and i want to know can i was a triac to control 15VAC the output of 220/15V transformer
hi i want to design a supply without using a transformer the supply is 220/12 i thought to but a rectifier then a resistor then a zener 9v what i want to know does the supply can supply much current and is it stable "a rectifier then a resistor then a zener " will put you in troble and it is not safe. You may harm
helllow i am working on volts and current battery charger i have a transformer input 220volts ac and output is 14 volts ac 30 amps .i want to connect triac on its 220 volts ac side for current controlling purpose. pls help me with diagram or tell me where my soulision is available thanks saint
Hi to all, I want to measure an AC current. My load is a refrigerator that you can see it's specifications in the below : Line Voltage : 220 V Normal Current : 2 ~ 3 A Over Load current : 8 ~ 10 A How to calculate the specifications of a CT ? Such as : Np = ? Ns = ? Wire Size = ? Core = ? and etc. Thanks a lot for your help
One easy way to generate ≈500Vdc is to invert 5V to ≈220-240Vac and then using voltage doubler multiply the voltage from 240V-square to ≈500Vdc .. Here is a simple voltage inverter: Replace 12V-0-12V transformer with 5V-0-5V one, rated for very small power, say, 5VA (should be
I need a help and or analysis on which phase on the amplifier board should i check first.. All i know is these was causing by voltage overload. This is an imported amplifier (accepts only 110volts) plugging in to a 220 Volts wall outlet. When i open the system.. i noticed burned fuses and caps. Is the voltage regulator (IC) affected to this kickedO
You must be very carefull. Your need a step down transformer (a 220VAC/5VAC), but also you need to avoid any negative voltage in your ADC input. Please refer to: Measurement Systems: Application and Design Ernest Doebelin
If you can't find 12-6-0-6-12 configuration you can always use 2 smaller transformeres 6-0-6 and connect their primary windings in parallel (220V) and their secondary windings in series .. Here is an example of multi-tap transformer from JAYCAR:
X10 will not pass through a normal transformer .. But I think you can buy a device that plugs in a 220 outlet that will bridge the signal to the other side, or you can use so called "X10 transformers" which incorporate X10 bridges .. Regards, IanP
Hi, You can use the 120V transformer in a 220 - 230 V system. simply put a capacitor of X2 type between the transformer and one 220 -230 V line. You can calculate the capacitor by the Xc = 1/ 2*PI*Fr*C Fr = 50 Hz and C is the unknown. Xc is the resistance you need in between the transformer and the (...)
Hello, I need a circuit for 5v/12v DC supply from 110/220 AC. The common way is to use a transformer, a bridge and a voltage regulator. I know this way, but it is needed to be done without using trans becasue of its weight. The maximum current is 500 mA. A friend told me to use HV capacitors instead of Trans to reduce the AC voltage, the other p
transformer - No centre-tapped (shown below). Look for 240/12, 230/12 or 220/12 transformers. If you can find 240/9, 230/9 or 220/9, it would be fine too. If you use a transformer with centre-tapped, you can instead use a full-wave rectifiers (using 2 diodes only), the centre-tapped terminal of the (...)
i m using ADC 0804. plz tell me the circuit for connecting AC voltage to ADC input. further more i have 220/5V transformer. can i connect transformer output (5V) to ADC input. At 220V frequency is 50 hz. i m step downing 220v Ac to 5V AC using transformer. can transformer (...)