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Hello Is there any way simple to down convert 220ac to 80-90 volt dc with output current less than 100mA?
How to make 220-240VAC (50Hz) to 12VDC. Please tell me all the specifications i.e. no. of turns in primary and secondary, the dimensions of the core (if relevant!! current dimensions are given below), diameter of the winding coil etc.. it will be a center tapped transformer with 2 primary winding for switching purpose.. and 1 secondary winding.. i'
How to make 220-240VAC (50Hz) to 12vdc transformer. Please tell me all the specifications i.e. no. of turns in primary and secondary, the dimensions of the core (if relevant!! current dimesions are given below), diameter of the winding coil etc.. it will be a center tapped transformer with 2 primary winding for switching purpose.. and 1 (...)
hello i use for my project a circuit to generate 5V with transformer 220/5V because they are very small , i used them to respect the dimension of my circuit , 4 diodes 1N4007, capacitor 2200uF(16V), regulator7805 when i simuate wiyh isis i found 3.01V even, i used a diode zener with the regulator but i don't find 5V .please can someone (...)
hello dear forum, this below circuit is the schematic of an ultrasonic inverter 129223 I want bring the circuit to resonance by playing with the value of inductance between output transformer and the piezo element my question is ; if I display the current and voltage at the 220 VAC input with the osciloscope -
I think it 220 mains is isolated from isolated supply and ouput? How Current transformer is reset?
Hello, I've connected a 220/190VAC transformer to a 160-190/12VAC transformer, whereas the outputted 12VAC is connected to a single phase full bridge rectifier. The 12VDC is then connected to a voltage divider with output of 5VDC This 5VDC is shunted with a 100pf ceramic capacitor. There was a severe short-circuit causing the (...)
Hello, I am designing a Electricity meter, for the power supply part both transformer and Cap-drop power supply can be used. i have seen both type products in different Meter manufacturers. usually a cap drop power supply is lower price than transformer. but why do some manufacturers use transformer then ?! i have seen this in a (...)
I'm trying to connect a micro-controller based RS845 node to a relay controller (PIC micro + MAX485). The relay controller is mains powered and supplies 24V AC to nodes (has internal 220 to 24V AC transformer). My node is powered from this 24V AC, I'm using a bridge rectifier +LM2596 based circuit to get 5V DC output. Here is what happens, When
I have a 220 to 12V step-down transformer i want to get 18V output from its secondary. Which winding should i reduce (primary or secondary) to convert it to get 18 volts at the output.
Friends, My sir has given me task to design SMPS as per below specification : I/P : 150-200W, 150-300V Desired O/P : 220-to-230V (So far i had idea/experience about 230v to DC by rectification+filter+voltage regulation IC, but the i/p range is totally unknown to me..) About Specific application i had no idea. So if i need to pr
Ok so here is my problem. I have a transformer out of a practice amplifier that I got in Australia, I know the primary is intended for 220 volt. The secondary is center tapped. I measured the secondary voltage with an input voltage of 123 volts which gave me a secondary voltage of 15 volts center taped with no load. My question is t
Are 220 V, 50 Hz to 110 V voltage converters safe? I ended up with a few electronic devices: a phone charger, a battery charger, a drilling machine, an alarm clock with radio, etc., that are designed for 110 V, 60 Hz and which I want to power from a 220 V, 50 Hz outlet. I also have a converter
Imagine if the tap was right at the top of the transformer, all the power would be transferred by conduction. So how much power is transferred directly from the input to the output? Its 2000 X 500 = 1MVA. How much is transferred via the magnetic field? 2000 X 50 = 100KVA. If it was a large step down transformer say, 220 to 22V, the the (...)
AC input voltage 220 - 240 V Current rating 40 A maximum frequency 50 - 60 Hz batteries are lead acid , and power will be drawn from an inverter while charging batteries . One thing more can i use half wave rectifier and than filter it using capacitors to take an average value dc ?
hi, LM7805 does not provide any isolation .The cip is a series voltage regulator. What do you isolate from what ? If you power your circuit from 220 or 110 ac. you use a transformer. If you use your laptop, there is no need for that , you can use the 5Vdc from the usb port. Just be careful to not overload it (& of course no short circuit, the port
hi guys. i'm new to this forum and i really love it so far! thank you all for contributing to general and specific knowledge :) i need some help understanding this transformer! its from a 1000va ups.. i found a similar post but i didnt understand ! sorry but i am kind of a newbie .. but with a great passion for electricity. so... it has 7 wi
The speed control circuit using triacs in the fan expects a smooth sinewave, not the abrupt pulses of a modified sinewave. The 10V transformer does not produce enough output voltage for the average voltage to be 220AC. The peak voltage of 220VAC is 311V but the 10V transformer produces a peak voltage of less than 12/10V x (...)
i had an emergency lamp with a 6v, 4.5 AH lead acid battery & lighting a 14W, 220v CFL lamp, once i had dismantled it due to some charging problem. now i am trying to reassemble it, bt i accidentally cracked a wire from the board, and i am not getting from where it is came out (it is connected to a two way switch), so i need 2 assemble a new circui
hi I want to design the smps with below specifications: Vin=220 Vac Vout=1KV to 30KV , Iout-max= 20mA I want to use LLC for it. Is it possible to use LLC for this converter? I want to calculate resonance elements and transformer turn ratio and primary and secondary turns and inductances. The maximum voltage and current that drop on resonan