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Hi all, I have a 220/240 vac, 1.5 HP pump that I am to drive with a relay. I want to suppress the transient voltage and consequent current that will occur (due to the pump coil) at the relay contacts when the contacts are opened using a TVS diode. Which is suitable, 1.5-kW or 3-kW TVS diode?
Hello Is there any way simple to down convert 220ac to 80-90 volt dc with output current less than 100mA?
hello dear forum, 133091 in this circuit there is a shottky diod used between ground and VS however the reverse voltage rating of this shottky diode must be 350 VDC at least , when the mosfet turns ON - ( my circuit runs at 220 vac mains ) isn't ? my question is there a shottky diode with enough high reverse
hello dear forum, I have chosen a varistor for my inverter bypass capacitor protection my circuit is an inverter for high frequency ( 28 KHz ) output it operates from the 220 vac mains so the voltage across bypass caps are about 310 V + %10 the inverter power is about 3 KW my question ; is my varistor selection in the attached pi
hello dear forum, this below circuit is the schematic of an ultrasonic inverter 129223 I want bring the circuit to resonance by playing with the value of inductance between output transformer and the piezo element my question is ; if I display the current and voltage at the 220 vac input with the osciloscope -
Please let me know that I want to make voltage level converter from 220-vac to 15-vac by using Arduino. Can anyone interested to share information?
Hi All I want to make and switch to control light in cabinet. I need to switch 220 vac with triac and reed switch. I will place a magnet to door and I will place main box across magnet. The maximum lenght is 15 cm between door and main box. I think reed switch will work properly. You know reed switchs are normally open and when magnet is get
I am trying to build my 900 VA inverter My problem is in charge battery phase, I don't use external rectifier diodes but I depend on body diode of mosfet transistor (IRF3205). In case of 220 V on primary, the secondary is 16 V but the maximum battery voltage was 12.2 V, and the charge current is 100 mA. What is the wrong ? 10
hi, is there any way to convert 264v dc into 220v will be highly appreciated if someone help.thanks
i had an emergency lamp with a 6v, 4.5 AH lead acid battery & lighting a 14W, 220v CFL lamp, once i had dismantled it due to some charging problem. now i am trying to reassemble it, bt i accidentally cracked a wire from the board, and i am not getting from where it is came out (it is connected to a two way switch), so i need 2 assemble a new circui
Hi everyone, Can't find appropriate solution to convert 220vac to 3.3VDC with the following requirements: - the size on the board should be no more than 40mm x 40mm x 15mm (W x L x H) - power dissipation no more than 300mW - max current 200mA Any ideas? Every answer is appreciated.:-)
hi I want to design the smps with below specifications: Vin=220 vac Vout=1KV to 30KV , Iout-max= 20mA I want to use LLC for it. Is it possible to use LLC for this converter? I want to calculate resonance elements and transformer turn ratio and primary and secondary turns and inductances. The maximum voltage and current that drop on resonan
Hello everyone, i have a problem with my inverter 12 vdc-220 vac (pure sine), that i use for to transform the fotovoltaic energy in to voltage for domestic use. the energy is stored in to some the batteries. we come to the problem. some days ago i realized that my inverter had an malfunction. when i turn on the main switch it not power on soon
Hello everyone, I am designing an inverter, and I have a problem in the rectifier stage. I rectify the 220 vac using a full bridge (and a capacitor), and then I'll use the rectified 300 VDC as the input of my inverter. The problem is that since my inverter has a relatively large load (5-10 A), I will have very high peak currents in the (...)
i want to design rgb bulb led light which take electricity directly from 220 vac or 110 vac source and light up the bulb, any help?
can someone tell me if a modified sine wave inverter is okay to use in TV. :) and if we plug the avr 110vac-220vac (the we use for computers) in the output of the inverter, will it help to produce a good 220vac. the only available inverter near our place is a modified sine wave, our project is to make an (...)
Typical FETs allow units of volts between gate and channel, so it is a nonsense to drive the device from 220 vac. You must use a voltage divider or a transformer. From your question it looks that you have no idea how a FET works; find a good textbook and learn the basics before 220 V AC can kill you.
hey guys. I would like to control an exhaust fan 220 vac that will vary the speed by the reading of smoke sensor. The fan is 50Hz and only 1 speed (1 phase i suppose?) Let step a side with the sensor. The varying speed will be occurred when I turn off and on the fan in a certain time. For the switching for lamp dimmer or fan controller it pop
How do you know that the transformer is made for 110/220 vac without a specification and connection diagram? Presuming you know it is, you'll want to measure winding resistances to understand how the wires are connected. I guess that red/red is for 220V and red/black (either of both red wires) is for 110V.
dear all please help me,i have a trouble with my machine,the power suplly is destroy:cry:. can't you hlep me schematic power supply input 220vac to output 160VDC,2Ampere(out put can be adjust with potentiometer range 0-160VDC) thanks alot for you attention