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Dear All, I need to make a converter from 220vac to 12VDC -4A to operate a solenoid i required this circuit for pulse shot only (800ms -1s) please tell me any circuit i can not use Transformer . only linear circuit.
Whats the primary & secondary resistance of this step down transformer ? 1) Vp = 380 vac 2) Vs = 220 vac 3) Ip = 15.78 Amps 4) Is = 27.27 Amps 5) P = 6 KVA Rp = ? Rs = ? thanXXX
Is there is any standers to guide me in control panel design to know which is best solution for protection? My goal is to build control panel with 220||24 vac transformer what is the stander : 1- In mean incoming 220 vac which is better to use Circuit breaker or fuse or both? 2- Transformer output 24 (...)
Hi, I'm using the optocoupler HCNR200 and I need to know how I can to use it for measurement 220 vac, because I'm probing the circuit dual with two LM158 and two HCNR200, but the circuit not working. (The circuit that I use is of the figure 3 of the application note 1357 of Agilent technologies) If you can help me, very thank. [
Hi all, I need a small CT for very less load application which is 3 Watt to 60 Watt load at 220 vac & current will be from 13 mA to 300 mA. It is very first time i am dealing wit current transformer so i m confused how will i select the C.T & what should be the rating of C.T for this application
Hi all, I will use PLC ( Power Line Communication ) for remote control . I must use power cable ( 220 vac ). There are many PLC modules and IC's . But all pruduct support sending very big data ( 1-5 Mbps ). But i need to transfer only one bit data. Is there any simple methode for it. I will send only on/off data over there 2 or 3
Is the supply voltage 220 vac? ---------- Post added at 17:30 ---------- Previous post was at 17:16 ---------- Look at this URL
Hello, I have a controller card that has a 220 vac input which is about 50 meters long. I want to inhibit the input when the input voltage is down to 160 vac. Also because the distance of the cable is long, at some places we can read voltage over 200 volts which has no power(I dont know what it is called) although the circuit is open. What (...)
Please help me with the design circuit and components value for -48vdc to 220vac inveter. thank you for helping me out
Hi all! A friend of mine has this Nokia gadget that has 8 digital outputs that can put out 6-30 VDC. I was asked to help design and build a circuit/s to turn each output into 220-240 vac to make 8 outputs, each capable of supplying a 500 Watt device. I've been looking at inverting circuits (like these:
HI All! A 2.5KW converter input 120 VDC & output 220-230 vac. The problem is when i run the converter under full load (11 Ampere) it gives 225 vac output volt at 118-120 VDC input, after one hour it gives 222 vac at output & after two hours it gives 220 V AC at output then after sometime it comes (...)
I am a farmer, formerly a textile plant engineer. I am interested in using variable frequency drives to power various attachments for vegetable production equipment powered by the 12VDC tractor electrical system. Most applications wouldn't require more than 1 HP. I've been told it should be possible to power an off the shelf drive with an off th
just like pwm light demer.if posibol pl proved asm code with ckt diagram. PL DON'T MIND MY ENG. LANG. IS VERY POOR...... do u want to control the brightness of 220vac Blub ?? via PIC16F877 ??
hi i need design of 5kva UPS system from 48vdc to 220 vac th`s
i know there are many led driver ICs but is there any circuit diagram ? i need constant current 300 or 350 ma, 220 vac input.
my idea is this that u have two buttons one for speed up and other for speed down. i have to implement the whole code in c(keil) i haev seen some stuff that uses Zero cross dectector and moc3011 they said it workd with PWM. i was totaly unable to precive their idea. hopw some one guides me better and please post if any 1 have data,schemati
Hi I need to design a circuit to read ,measure the 220 V mains voltage. I saw one design note where the author was using one 150 V zener plus one resistor to limit current to the optocoupler .Mains voltage was measured by measuring the period the output from the optocoupler was low during the positive semi-period . He also had a diode to prote
hello i want to on/off a 220 vac line with 5 v control signal and i dont want to use relay how can i do this?
Hi all I have project of voltage inverter, it is an inverter 500VA until 750VA. This inverter has feedback for keep voltage output still 220 vac. The circuit to work in 50 hz. I hope somebody r someone can help me. please!!!
Hi all, I have to make a 220 vac to +/- 25 VDC 2.5 A SMPS using a 3845 PWM IC + a MosFet. Any suggestion will be very appreciated. Thanks Milo