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My project is control of Muffle temperature by stable temperature rate rise . I use Atmega64 , thermocouple temperature sensor, 1800 watt heating coil (8A at 220 V AC). The driver circuit can change the current of heating coil by Accuracy 0.08 A (in the program code the set value changes from 0 to 100). I use codevision compiler. let's define t
149485 The input will vary from 150vac to 280vac.If the supply is available means the LED have to glow.... I'm new to this I don't known in-depth.I tried with hardware,if the voltage is low means the LED not glowing,so I changed the resistance value to low(56K). If the resistor value is low means when high vol
Required Components: Arduino Board With USB to Serial USB to Serial (if USB to serial is not present on Board) PIC Controller like PIC16F1847 Breadboard Jumpers LED Resistor - 220 ohm Here is Schematic for the Project
Hi 1. An 12V to 5V LDO is rated for 1A. What should be the current sourcing capability for 12V input source? Can it be same as 1A ? 2. An AC-DC converter is rated as follows Input side: 220 / 118mA, output is +/-12V/0.625A, 15W, 80% efficiency. From direct calculation , input power = 220*.118=25.96W and output power= 15W as mentioned, then effic
Hello Everyone, I need to design a "Normally Closed" (NC) contact with Electronics components with following load requirements, Load Voltage = 230 vac Load Current = 2 A Max. Load = AC Motor please suggest any low cost solution for the same.
Hi! I have a problem to transfer my schematic from multisim to ultiboard because I use an LM7805 v_regulator with a TO-220 package. The v_reg is transfered but the nodes are not connected and I have to connect them manually. Is there any solution? Thanks.
I read datasheet of MJ2955 TO-92 it is BCE configuration - - - Updated - - - Please attached herewith pictures of my board transformer 220vac to 19v output 5A149122 But when I connect bulb directly on transformer it has glow.
The capacitive drop method is an inexpensive supply which gives a few mA at low voltage. It is non-isolated, so if it fails it may expose your expensive equipment to 220 VA, directly or indirectly. To find capacitive impedance here is the standard formula. Use it to get an approximate figure. XC = 1 / (2 Pi f C) Your schematic has 0.1 uF. At 50
Hello, We have designed a 60W PFC?d Flyback LED driver. Output is for 60V LED input is 240vac. The output diode is STTH3010D. When the LED driver is in its plastic enclosure, which is itself inside a metal enclosure, we record 120 degrees on the tab of the diode. This is with the equipment in 22 degrees centigrade a
148087 Hi all, I am struggling with a circuit calculation and quiet confused in analyzing the the above shown image the input ac voltage is 4v and is rectified with bridge wave rectifier which is then fed to another circuit which stores and discharges the charge to a LED through a resistor.We use a SPDT
hi friends , Like this can we convert 320 dc to 230 ac 50 hz by not using bulky iron core transformer ? my plan is to use ferrite core or toroidal transformer . Ferrite core is for high frequency use only ?,From where i can get data which type of core can use for 50hz , I have EE-50 core can i use that one ? pls help.
Hi, My device input voltage is 12 to 24VDC, for reverse voltage protection purpose I have provided series Diode in positive input point and SMBJ30CA TVS diode at across the input point. Also I want to protect my device from 230vac input. Glass fuse provision available in input point Please suggest suitable protection circuit with low cost.
How can you get 5 volts at the encoder, but only 3.7 at the regulator? According to the schematic they are the same you either measured something wrong, or you've got some defective wiring. And I don't think the cap on the regulator matters too much. And I HATE those white breadboards, they're nothing but trouble. And they MOST CERTAINLY
Hello all, my house's doorbell circuit uses a 10:1 step-down transformer... I'm getting 11.6 vac on the secondary. Problem is if I want to install and power a Ring doorbell unit (Pro), it requires 16-24 vac. It's easy enough to order a 24V transformer... but if the Nutone chime is designed to be only seeing 12V... the doubling of voltage might no
Thanks Brian, I bought a pair of power line modem and now i can control the robot over my home power circuitry in offline configuration. Since the robot must work in the sewer pipe wich is a humid and wet environment, I should reduce AC power from 220 to under 100 volts. Is 100 volts AC power dangerous for human? I have three methods to make 100
Hi, I am working with three phase pump controller, with AN984a, dspic33fj12MC202, working very fine and delivering out put of 240AC phase to phase at 60Hz, Now I need to have 380AV or 415 AC phase to phase at 50Hz, and I am in need of support
Hi,All In my Schematic , 1.5V should be detected on the positive input of OPA, and the output voltage should be 1.5V. I use TINA to simulate the circuit , it shows the positive input of OPA is 1.494V,and the output voltage is 1.4948V. But, When I test this circuit , I found that the positive input of OPA is about 220m
Can one help with the diagram of step by step ac to ac waveform till mov. I want to understand how does mov clamps.. in full cycle of ac amplitude 230V and varistor is off the 30V.. i want ac waveform vs waveform across the MOV. 146943 Regards, MARX
OK her is schematics. It is very simple. On RF line is any high power for example 15MHz 200W to 50 Ohm. Over L1 is on this line injected small DC current from R1 Over R2 is detected voltage on L1/R1 if is all OK and DC current go to load on RF line is voltage small if load is disconnected DC current not go over RF line and voltage is 5V i

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