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I'm building a push pull dc to dc converter and when I measure the voltage on secondary of the ferrite transformer it gives me 25.5 AC output which is correct for the amount of turns on the secondary. When I measure after the full wave rectifier , which consist of 2 mbr4045pt shotkky diodes I get a voltage reading of 16volts dc on a 160 watt load.
I am new to LDO (Low Voltage Regulator) world. I'm curious what you people had buy and have in your personal stock at home. (also what packages, TO-220 SOT-223) From the good old Ebay I spot a couple and also open their respective dataSheets: LM317T (LM117,LM217) Input Voltage : 2-40V OUTPUT CURRENT Maximum Load Current 2.2A OUTPUT
I don't have access to the external device. I derived the device inner circuit from its manual. So I don't know what's exactly in it but it's an optocoupler circuit. My circuit on the other hand has PC817 as a optocoupler. I drived it directly from microcontroller (3V3) with a series resistor of 220 ohms (I could not go further due to limitations).
I am trying to fix a fault on my Zeppelin air power supply which has blown a fuse and visibly a couple of components, namely one of the mosfets (T3), and an R500 resistor (R31). initially I was just going to replace the fuse, resisitor, and both the mosfets T2 and T3 and see what happens but I see from some previous postings a few years back that
I experienced a case where a MOC3040 plus triac combination was periodically self triggered even with pure resistive load by power supply dV/dt. A 220 ohm/47 nF snubber and filter was added to the MOC3040 circuit.
This 120 vac Power Conditioner has its transformer disconnected and it needs to be reconnected. My skill level isn't quite there yet to be 100% certain on the wiring, so I'd like advice please connecting wires. This should be pretty easy for an experienced person. The circuit board has four black wires. The transformer has three black wires.
Thanks, So our 220;ultimate” (most upstream) power supply is two of the below EA-PSI ones in parallel. They will provide 700V, 6.9A to the 7 ohm cable which will supply the load. These EA power supplies will be programmed to current limit at 4A each. (There are no DC fuses on the market rated between 650V and 1Kv, only 650V and 1kV an
Netlists for Synosys HSPICE translated from LTspice. "MEC201.sub".SUBCKT MEC201 PLUS MINUS c=0.001 soc=1 ns=1 tscale=60 E_Erate N8 0 VOL='I(V_batt)/C' E_Ens N5 N1 N4 N1 'NS' C_CT_S N7 N6 '(Cts/C)/Tscale' E_Eloss SOC N3 PWL(1) rate 0 +0.33,-0.1 1.65,0.08 3.3,0.16 16.5,0.3 25,0.4 40,0.51 R_Rself SOC0 0 10MEG C_CT_L PLUS N7 '(Ctl/C)/Ts
I recently tried to make an smps flyback as to start.. i went to TI webbench for the design I started one design - 12v , 3amp, @ 100khz IC - UC3845 Transformer specs E25/13/7 . Pri= 38 turns sec-11, aux =11 turns ( I have few EPCOS ones) Lprimary = 226 uh. I didnt see any airgap measurement So i fabricated the PCB, then wound the transfor
I renovate cine projectors, and I have come across the below capacitor which has three leads and not sure what to replace it with, anybody got any ideas. Hunts Capacitors 0.1+0-005+0.005 25v A.C Wkg to B.S.S.613 List No. Z497 A 11W Three wires two reds and green 157684
What is your input voltage? I think your inductor might be too small. Looking at the data sheet, they're using values of 170-220 uH. How did you "choose" that 10uH value? (And I assume you meant you were using a 10uH inductor, not a 10uF...)
I was trying to develop a simple sine wave inverter using PIC16F73 MCU. Compiler: mikroC pro for PIC v7.6.0 Simulator: Proteus 8.9 Code: //sine wave generation using PIC16F73 test //Crystal: 20MHz. unsigned int sin_table={0, 25, 49, 73, 96, 118, 139, 159, 177, 193, 208, 220, 231, 239, 245, 249, 250, 249, 245, 239, 231, 220,
I'm trying to design a self contained DC bus power supply. Specifically it's for a 400v 2200w AC servo drive. Trying to get this all down on 1 PCB for simplicity. I've been using this drive for some time with just 240v mains rectified to 340vDC and some filter caps. The inrush current on charging the caps from flat is rather large, Which for a whil
Hi Brian Thx for your reply. Yeah i know the blue capacitors are not the ideal solution but it was the only thing i could get at the moment. Unfortunately I dont know where i can locally get the needed parts. I have found several online stores but the shipping costs alone generally tend to be way higher than the actual parts which is quite annoyin
I agree in so far that it might be interesting to know if the rated current of a particular inductor, e.g. the said 220 uH type, is defined by thermal considerations or 10 % inductance drop. In the former case, the inductor is capable of carrying a higher ripple current. You'll either use a more completely specified inductor or measure it yourse
Hello We need an offtheshelf offline PSU. The spec is as follows? -------------------------------- 200 to 400w output (anywhere in that range) vac input = 100-265vac Vout = either 12V or 15V or 24V No Fan Metal casing so it can be screwed to a metal enclosure for thermal management. Fully enclosed , but only to IP51 rating. Dimens
Dear All.. Please help me to know : Can I use an electronic ballast 36 watt (120 vac 60 Hz) for my fluorescent lamp tube 15 watts with capacitor serial connection for current limit ? //(output of ballast 36 watts drive wire >capacitor> my lamp tube 15 watts/// If yes please tell me value of capacitor. Thank you so much.
Hi The track spacing calculator on this page?. ?where it says ?coating?, does that mean special conformal coating, or does it just refer to standard solder resist? - - - Updated - - - Also, on my desk I have a PCB. This PCB is sold the world over in the 100̵
I buy a Thermostat Tr-93 which shows Tr-93 (Thermostat Model) 16(4) A 220~240v ? T40 I want to know that what is the meaning of 16(4)A? what's its current rating?? why its rating is mention in this way 16(4)A?? why not only write 4A ? THANKS
I buy a Thermostat Tr-93 which shows Tr-93 (Thermostat Model) 16(4) A 220~240v ? T40 I want to know that what is the meaning of 16(4)A? what's its current rating?? why its rating is mention in this way 16(4)A?? why not only write 4A ? THANKS