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I presume we are talking about general purpose led lamps, e.g. 1 to 15 W power range, either LV (12 - 24 V) or HV (115/230v supply), like the led bulb shown in the "Electronics Weekly" article. The usual power supplies that I see implement a single switcher stage which does the current regulation and PFC control in one. -
i am connecting a led with 100k 1 watt series resistor in 230v ac line the led is glowing. my doubt is whether led will fail in ac voltage are it will work fine? led used is normal red to red 5mm led .
WHat did Microtek say? Output Voltage on UPS Mode: 200V~230v ? 10%
how can we make the PSU for led bulb series from 230v ?, Is it safe to go with transformer less ? what does the cheap bulbs from market do for the PSU : ?
Hi, guys. I am repairing a fairly new mercury 2500w 12v power inverter for a friend of mine which initially when connected to a 12v car battery and switched on gave no 230v ac output.The green power led was lit and no fuses blown.I checked all the mosfets and found no is quite a sophisticated design using 16 irf1404 fets and 2 banks o
The bright whites that I'm familiar with are rated 3.6V at 20 mA. It's a good idea to include a resistor to limit inrush current on power-up. 330 ohms should be sufficient. 1W rating. I've made a simulation showing how you could drive these from 230v mains AC. obrazki.elektr
Where can I get some 9watt led lamps directly replaceable in B22 base, for operation from 230v. Cost should be less than Rs400.
Hi I have a led driver converter design wherein the PWM controller is switching the MOSFET at 50kHz. The input voltage is 230v AC and my design is suited to take in from 85V - 300V AC. Tried testing the circuit & see that my led's are getting fried. I have limited the current to 40mA thro external resistor as required by the (...)
I'm picturing that you have a string of enough led's that can survive at 230v. Or rather the peak V which is 230 x 1.414 = 325 V DC. An led operates over a range of several tenths of a volt. Say it's rated 3.6 V at 20 mA. It may conduct 1 uA at 3.1 V. 1 mA at 3.5 V. 100 mA at 3.7 V. Maybe you have a string of 90 (...)
Its just like a module not a strip what i have to do is to make the bulb which had min 20 and max 50 nos the power supply should be the same for both either i will use 20 smd's or 50 smd's as per requirement can you suggest me the good and cheap power supply input 230v ac out put 12v dc
Hello, I am trying to design a helpful (to me) led lighting circuit. Idea is - I have a couple of 230v circuits that have switchs in Now as these circuits make i would like a little led light to light up. This telling me that part of the circuit is working. I really am new to this so parts and website's would be extremly (...)
can i use led for 1A,230v fuse? otherwise which footprint is exactly match for this type of fuse. anybody plz clear my doubt ?:?:
HI, Some vendors has E27 socket "led-Bulbs" too: led,12W.230v, , €82!_ ...175257-10W_OPTEK_OVTL09LGAWC 10W to 60W multi-chip led ight,,10W-€59-LT-1130_96_105 30w-50w-100w-led-Flood-Light, www.madeinchin
I need help to a simple electronic circuit. I need an red led to "flash" kind of like the white standby lamp on a Mac computer. Slowly up and down. Not just on and off... It need to run over a capacitor for five to ten minutes after the power is off. And the power supply is 230v AC. Can it be done very simple with a few components. ? ...
If you mean any polarity on input signal (e.g. 110/230v utility line) then try to make full wave rectifier. You can arrange DC voltage level in . Only by zero signals led is going to be off.
Althought I designed this module special for my needs, it’s so universal that someone else maight find it useful. System allows to control all chip sets for both DC or AC, low voltage or 230v from electric network, could be use in any kind of light dimmers ( led diodes, bulbes etc.), speed regulation in commutator motors, disco light systems,
Hi everyone, Right now i'm working on led driver powered from mains (230v AC). I have some questions connected with input filter? I want to use differential mode choke and two X capacitors. My question is about common mode currents. If they are big problem in buck converter. I read that the are a problem in flyback converter and they emerge on
I wanted to design special project - to stuff electronics to normal bulb, so "she" can do something amazing. Only think that sprang to my mind ( except bomb with thermometer) was bulb that can smoothly change colures. To build that project you need converter 230v/5V-500mA, led diodes -
HI I want to drive a 230v AC load from a triac whose gate is fired by MOC3020. The circuit diagram is at as per debugging done uptill now, I found that output of MOC3020 isn't able to drive the triac gate. Currently I am using BT136. suggest something else.
Nothing special is required to do that. Use Optically isolated triac driver like MOC3022. The led inside MOC3022 will be driven by 89C51. This driver will depend upon AC voltage in your country. MOC301X - For 110V AC RMS MOC302X - For 230v AC RMS See datasheet (Fairchild is good) of this driver for exact shematic or let me know if you can't