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Hello! It's been years that I worked with assembler, But I would like to share some old routines so you can check them, Please take in account that this routines works only with those 24c01 to 24C16 (those that works with 1 byte address) FADDR EQU 0a0h ; fixed address for AT24Cxx EEPROMs PADDR EQU 0 ; programmable address (0..7) PSIZ
my code is working with microchips 24c01 which is using single word address but it is not working with atmel's at24c256 which is using double word address
for 24c01 to 24c16 (including 24c04) you have only 1 byte for addressing... (works fine with 24c01 and 24c02) for extra addressing you must use the 3 lower bits of I2c-address so you must chage your writing/readings routines... {the extra stuff over 0xA0 to the 3bit extra addressing... } unsigned char ReadBYTE(unsigned int Addr) {
Hello everyone!!! i have a question about the 24c01 in Proteus software. i what to buid a programmer device in Proteus and simulate it. so i used COMPIM and VSP Driver to simulate a virtual connection between the PC and the device. But my qusetion is, way the 24c01 model in porteus dont have a VDD pin? How i will give em a 5V??? What
hi this orion programmer schematci,software and pcb knowing that this progrramer(interface)is called universal programmer Serial EEPROM bcz its support the folloeing eroms: 24c00 24c01 24c02 24c04 24c08 24c16 24c32 24c64 24c65 24c128 24c164 24c174 24c256 24c512 25010 25020 25040 25080 25128 25160 25256 25320 25512 25640 2913 2914 2919 2922
Standalone programmer for I2C EEPROM 24c01, 24C02, 24C08 ... On this page you can find another nice projects. Attachement: source asm, compiled hex, schematic regards meax98