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I saw some examples to drive a diferents NOKIA LCD (3510i) whit pic's on internet but I'm new in this matters. Someone can help me to drive this can of LCD (Nokia 3586 or 3520) . I guest than both are similar as Nokia 3510i. (I need the schematics and pic code ) I'm based on this information:
It’s a simple device that inform about any sound that comes from PC sound card. After detect sound, device call to your phone. The simplest solution was to use mobile phono like nokia 3510i and pressing on two buttons. Syste
Hi everybody... I am trying to make an 'sms controlled' home security system using fbus protocol. The phone i intend to use is nokia 3510i. 1. in its pinout diagram one pin is named as Vpp.what is its purpose? how many volts should we apply to it? 2. Also one pin is left unmarked.what does it do? Plz help.. images.elek
Hi latecomer, This LCD seems to have Epson S1D15G14 Series controller... here you have the datasheet for S1D15G14: here you have the LCD pinout for Nokya 3510/3510i... maybe 3530 is the did you find LCD @
Hello, Is the Nokia 3510i LCD similar to the LCD of Nokia 3530 ? I happen to see somewhere that Nokia 3530 and Nokia 3510i are similar and that Nokia 3530 is for Asia Pacific Region and Nokia 3510i is for Europe market. Can someone upload the datasheet of Nokia 3530 LCD ? Thanks.
Hi all, does anybody know how to connect 3510i to PC? best regards,
if you need