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You have to learn pic UART communication and IR sensor TSOP1738. Modulate serial data with 38khz signal(can be generated by pwm in pic) and send to IR led. The tsop will do the demodulation and gives back the serial data. Google it you will get lot of examples.
Hello everyone, First of all, I'm a complete newbie in the field of microcontrollers. So please bear with me as I get familiar with the terms. I'm trying to make a IR transmitter that will send a BCD code modulated at 38khz carrier frequency. eg : When I press switch 1, 0001 is transmitted When I press switch 2, 0002 is transmitted and
Well after reading this long discussion, I understand that you want to transmit data over RC5 from board and receive it on another and show it on LCD. That is farly easy. First on transmitting board you need to make an IR transmitter. The IR led must be oscillated at 38khz and modulated to carry data. There are many ways to do that, simplest is t
I am having trouble developing a 38khz signal (for an IR LED signal) on a pic16F687. I would also like to program the pic in C (since I HATE assembly). Could someone please help and send some code if possible? Thanks for your time and assistance!
Could anyone provide some help on programming pic 16F 883 microchip to transmit a modulated pulse Infra Red(IR) LED light with carrier frequency of 38khz and the data rate of 5 Hz. On the receiving end, the other 16f883 microchip will have to decode and read the Infra red pulses. I am currently doing on a project of Infra Red gate that will sound
Dear All, I am working on a project that need ON three switches remotely via IR tx and Rx. Tx frequency is 38khz and IR LED is used. TSOP1100 IR Receiver is used for Rx and I can make 40KHz "1"s and "0"s stream using pic according to the requirement. My question is Rx TSOP1100 IR Receiver out put.... Is it generate negative plus or positive p
INCLUDE "modedefs.bas" DEFINE OSC 20 CMCON=%00000111 'para el pic 16f628 VRCON = 0 ' A/D Voltage reference disabled PR2 = 25 ' Set PWM for approximately 38khz T2CON = %00000101 ' Timer2 ON + 1:1 prescale TX_SERIAL VAR PORTA.0 RX_SERIAL VAR PORTA.2 LED_OPER1 VAR PORTB.0 LED_OPER2 VAR POR
Take a look at the picture below .. It shows IR receiver based on the picAXE-08 microcontroller .. Using standard TV remote controller with 38khz IR transmitter and SONY-like set of commands you will be able to set/reset digital outputs .. Bear in mind, that the picAXE-08 microcontroller is a (...)
Hi, I'm no pro at micro's yet, still stuck on my midi keyboard :( But heres what I think: So, you're using IR. Those 38khz modules are a wonder, I got a range of 25m using one with high-output IR emitter! The 16F628, if I'm not mistaken has hardware UAR/SCI. This could come in useful, I know you said decoding in software, but if you can
Use TSOP ir demodulators from Vishay as receptors, with additional electronics, and pic based modulator ( merely +/- 38khz oscillator ) as emmiter. Regards,