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Hi all, I would like to understand how to handle digital voice on gsm modules. After reading 3gpp gsm mux 07.10 specification it is my understanding that gsm modules can be configured to transport voice frames on dedicated channels (DLC) sending a SNC frame with bit3 set on. I considered to use simcom sim900 module but official documentati
There are two types connected mode in UMTS. 1. CS Connected 2. PS Connected When UE is doing any activity (eg. CS call, PS Call, SMS, Video telephony, etc) it should be in RRC Connected mode. In idle mode UE can do reselection, receive paging, etc. If you need more details about RRC states use 3gpp specification # 25.331 [url=htt
Hi everyone, Has anyone made Spatial Channel Model for MIMO according specification 3gpp TR 25.996 v8.0.0 (2008-12)? I am trying to simulate,according to this specification, MIMO channel in C++. I have few issues to discuss about random variables incorporated in this document. I would be grateful for finding someone eager for (...)
For Quick Download : Always look for "latest" folder. The Specs are now moved in Rel-8 recently. Are you looking for any specific Spec?
Hi, Sure, you can download the spec from the 3gpp web site in the specification area: go here: . Hope this helps. RFCMOS
u can get it from 3gpp website, but u will get c-code with specification and block diagrams, i think that gives some idea for u
I want latest 3gpp specification.
I think you could go to 3gpp wedsite to look for Series 45 specification, there are different area for PCS1900 specification
Did you check official specification at ?
Look at 3gpp homepage: If you want (what i think) design UMTS (=WCDMA=UTRA) mixers for FDD look at TS 25.101 (technical specification) It is free for download.