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What design specs have you made? A 3phase VFD for a 2.5Hp motor uses about 2kW at rated load and 10-16kW starting at full acceleration. You want to make this with smooth speed control with PID loop or smooth power ramp? Either way you need a big 3phase variable speed sine wave inverter.
I suggest to go for STM8 or STM32 Cortex M0 family. They have 3phase Motor Control PWM Timers and 12 bit ADC. I think best microcontrollers - low cost @ high performance.
Hello guys in a machine i have 6 inverters with speed control so i need to adjust each one seperately but finally i need to control the whole speed of the machine i mean how i can adjust the 6 potentometers with one after setting the 6 ?
The attached image shows the switching pulses of one of the upper switches of three-phase inverter. As you can see, there are four symmetrical pulses over one switching period. Let's suppose that the switching period is TPWM. Which is going to be the first band of harmonics?4*1/TPWM or just 1/TPWM? Thank you for your time. 107
hi. i am going to design a 3phase inverter motor driver with IGBT's. designing of pwm generator- soft start-and dead time generator is already finished.and works good. but at the power stage i have problem with IR2112! when i try to simulate the circuit the coverage problem accrues.!! i think it's due to boot strap diode or capacitor. i am s
Dear all i need a recomendation for an IGBT suitable for my project "3phase inverter" .. 220volt,50HZ Thanks
now im doing my project now im facing a problem in triggering switches how to generate svm pulse for 5 level 3phase cascaded multilevel inverter fed to induction motor drive plz any one send matlab\simulink model
Hi! can anybody help in building a pwm for controlling a 3phase inverter for permanent magnet synchronous motor on simulink, any info will go along away. thanks
i am woking on 3phase pwm on inverter need your help guys???
Shall we use an AC motor through an inverter with the suitable range of capacity, say if motor is 1.5KW then it would be run through 1.5KW or more inverter and/or if motor is 3phase 3KW then it would be run through 3phase 3K.W or more cap inverter :confused: :?:
Is it possible by using three 12V dc to 220Vac,1550W inverter by supplying them 12Vdc parallal circuit from a 50Vdc source, can I get 3phase AC output.:D :cry:
Hi to all! I've a question relating this interesting argument. I would like to use a rectifier bridge (with capacitor) to rectify a AC single phase supply and then use the DC BUS that I've obtained to drive a motor with an inverter. If my suppositions are correct the resulting voltage applied at the motor will be lower than using a DC BUS obtai
I build simulation model of an sigma delta modulator (analog input digital output) in order to control transistors in 3phase full bridge resonant inverter. In negative feedback loop I have 1bit D/A converter and it gives +-5V. Reference voltage is 5V*sin(2*pi*50Hz*time). I couldn't rise this voltage at 220V because of op amp input is max 30V (V+ -
I have to model and simulate 3phase inverter in PSpice 9.1 or OrCAD 7.2. Which one is better for that application?
Hello, I need to synchronize an inverter to the power grid. So far I can easily track 3-phase voltages with high immunity to noise and other power failures. I am using a abc->dq conversion (3phase to 2phase, rotating frame) and with this I can easily track the phase, the sequence and peak voltage. I need to track now single phase signals. I h