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I can't be specific but they look like 433mhz AM or AFSK modules. If the chip is marked "K100", a very common type, the full number is TDK5100 or TDK5100F and from there it's easy to work out the connections. Brian.
Hi everyone, I am newbie. I am designing a RF pcb using TI chip (called CC1101) for transmission data. I seen that this chip can be communicate about 200m, so my pcb just transmit about 50m. Could anyone who have experiences for RF design help me this problem. What does cause affect for RF transmission distance: - Located antenna? - Power t
Hello Everyone, I need to design small 433mhz band RF tranceiver in one of my project. I always hear the layout of the components is criticle to make the high frequency circuit work, especially for small size pcb. Would you please suggest some Monte Carlo simulation software for this small layout design. Also, please suggest any good R
Dear All, I like to design pcb for Wireless Transmitter Module (ST-TX02-ASK - 433mhz). It has 4 pins (GND, DATAIN, +VCC and ANTENNA). Should I use 4 individual connectors on pcb and spacing between pins based on Datasheet? Or is there any ready made pin diagram (as like PIC pin diagram) to place it on pcb? Thanks. (...)
Hi Darcy, Dont worry :-), it wiil function enough good, think pls on the lot of door opener at 433mhz & RFIDs up to 8-900MHz or even at 2.4GHz the millions of units are working best :-)... Dont forget, that these FR4 Study has over lnegth of signal lines to your application, than they checked signals for distances between 0.5 and 1.x meter & at
Can I make 7W power amp on FR4 are 433mhz with 1.5mm pcb thickness and 2.88mm trace width? This looks like a trick question. The RF power amplifier is supposed to DELIVER 7W, not disappate 7W. If it's properly designed, you'll get far less than 7W of thermal energy on the board. The concern should be for the current you
Hi. I am sort of new to this area, so please excuse this newbie post... I wish to design a telemetry data collection system, that will pull data off vehicles to a base station connected to a PC. The units in the vehicle have to be very low cost, and I am thinking of implementing with some type of 433mhz FSK radio (there seem to be many good chips
You can use normal FR4 board for RF frequency as low as 433mhz.
I'm in the process of designing a pcb with 4 different types of RF recievers moudles AM/FM 433mhz on it with seperate antennas( only one at a time will be usd) It's a devolpment board type of thing. Now have designed load of different types of pcb but this is the first time of RF pcb now what i need to know is what's the (...)
I need 2.45GHz F-Antenna design guideline, please help... can two diffrence frequency antenna (2.45GHz and 433mhz) design on a some pcb? please advise....
Hello! RF is not really my field od expertise, but I hoped to face not that many problems. I am designing a 433mhz short range radio link, and I would like to employ an integrated pcb antenna. I found a few general application notes on the net, but still i don not know how to determine dimensions for a given antenna gain and pattern. I have
the frequency i m using is 433mhz. any other special considerations for pcb layout Munib since the design come under high speed design it is good to go through Regards binu G
for my 3rd year project at uni i have the task of designing and building 433mhz digital low power walkie-talkies. i am looking for circuit designs in this area. i will be using qfmt5/qfmr5 fm radio modules. these will be connected to coders/decoders and then to the adc/dac. i am stuck though. can somebody please help me. has anyone done a