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i have 2 max 485 ic connected to 2 pic micro controllers one controller transmits and another receives half duplex communication, both the controllers operate from different power supply the ground is not common. my doubt is in the tx side i have one max 485 with a and b bus terminals, and rx side i have one max 485 with a (...)
RS-232 could be a problem. Better use RS-485.
Thanks Mr. kulkarni, Now I can interfacing with the EAPL's EMS17 modbus energy meter and the pic using their RS485 converter (EA232/485). I want to avoid the converter and use MAX485 IC instead of the converter (it Costs nearly Rs.2600 while MAX484 costs Rs.25) I tried MAX485 and the meter's (...)
You can't hook a pic directly to RS-485-you definitely need a driver/receiver chip.
Hi. I have two rs485 networks and a slave node that need to shift between these two networks. It will not be frequent shifts and it is fine if the shifting takes some time. Time is not critical. My pic does not have 2 uart's. Something like this: 65372 What can I use as a switch (The blue box) Thanks for any replie
You need to know how to connect and the application of RS-485. This will help in terms of how the code should be written. Additional info:
Which physical layer? RS-485?
Hello everybody, To connect the PC to pic we use the max232 to convert RS232 signal to TTL. MAX485,however, makes TTL-level signals RS-485 compatible. So, logicaly, to connect a pic to a 485 Network we use the MAX 485 and then the Max232 as interface (see figure). I saw in internet (...)
simple introduction of rs-485 protocols, and RS232 to RS485 converter related information on this page. Expansion of Input and Output (I/O) Lines of a micro-controller and method of communications, please
hi all, i have designed a circuit. i use rs232 to connect pic But i have to use 485 but pcb was designed for 232 what can l connect rs485 in this pcb
Hi, Can any one help me how to design circuit for convert RS232 to 485 converter?? i need to communicate PC and pic16F877 using 485 protocol. if any one already try it, please let me know... thanx...
One way: i think you can use one single pic to contral the LCD. it means that you should use 5 pic. Use 485 or can bus conmunicate with others.
You need at least 4 bytes to transmit 32-bit-long-DATA .. You also need something to "wake up" the receiver and something to signal the end of transmission .. Alltogether 6-7 bytes .. For example, to wake up the receiver, send FFh (11111111b) .. As the end character you can consider sending checksum (usually XOR of all data bytes), or just
Hi, With low power load you can sink power from RS-485 line. You need diode and capacitor.
Hi ! I have the following question: I have to do a network of devices based on picmicro. This network in a RS485 and the device is battery powered. For save the battery I put in sleep mode the pic micro and I want that when there's a RS485 comunication all pic wake up for process the incoming (...)
Any microcontroller, including pics, can support the RS-485 .. Just remeber to set direction pin in the RS-485 driver (additional microcontroller pin) for transmission and clear it after transmission is completed to be ready for reception .. Regards, IanP
I connect 2 pic by RS485 using 2 max485 for level conversion. and I use rs232 library to send and receive data. I also use a pic's digital output to drive max485 pin number 2 and 3 together. to set always device hearing (output 0). and only when this output is high to transmit. It's very simple.
With two RS232/485 converters you can use connection longer than 1000ft
Hi U can use DS1621 -55 to 125 or DS1820 as probe With AVR ,8051 or pic and external ram or EEPROM you can make as much logging points as U need or just send data to PC by 232,485 ....
Hi all, We are talking about RS-485 and CANbus (see older posts here: ). And what about FieldBUS/ProfiBUS? It's spencive? Dificulte to implement? ThX NeuralC