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Hi, I would like to switch 8 channels of phantom power supply +48v ( 100 ma approx ) for an 8 channel digitally controlled preamp i have made. I have 5v logic on/off for each channel to use as switch control. I've looked at 8 channel darlington transistor arrays ( high & low side switching ) but can't see a way to use them as the phantom
The lm2576 could be made to work in a negative buck by referencing it to the -48v input, but it would require some external circuitry for shifting the output voltage sense and the gate drive. did you have a sample for lm2576 in negative voltage ??
I would expect there are plenty of telecom-standard DC-DCs made to operate in a -48v system, and an isolated-output one doesn't really care where you pin the output reference ground. Right? Have you looked simply for 48v-12V isolated converters and checked whether this is viable, for a particular one?
Hello, I have circuits with step-down LM2576HVT see picture. (power supply for inductive heater). New idea is use this circuits also as power supply for resistive heater. MCU disconnect Out 5-48v and FB (make off HF switching transistor) Left to invent, detachable feedback that output switches to Output 34V and 40V turbo mode on. Requirements,
Where does this "-48v" come from? Is there a "paired" +48v? If there's no "accompanying" positive voltage, it doesn't matter that it's "-48v". Treat it as just (+)48v. Just take care with polarity (direction). Then, use a buck converter circuit. How much current do you need? You can use one of many available (...)
Maximum wattage, indicated in datasheet is the dissipation in device not output wattage. Wattage is VxA, as you know. Now for example consider 75n75 fet, It can withstand 80 Ampere at max 75 volts. In a switching application it is passing 50 Amperes to a transformer load connected to 48v DC. Output Wattage is 48x50= 2400 watts. So you are operati
designing a power supply. Main power source is a transformer. The transformer has multiple taps; 9V, 15V, 24V, 36V, 48v. For obtaining as much efficiency as possible, a control circuit is monitoring the output voltage of the power supply and switching between transformer
u need an inductor with a capacitor + switching device to get 48v out of 12v hey whatz ur requirement ?? how much current u need?? simply go for DC/DC converter
Dear Friends, I'm designing the BLDC motor controller for 1KW (48v, 45A), 120deg, 51 pole BLDC motor on XC866 (infineon) uC. The operating switching frequency is 13.3333KHz. The issue with this controller is the vibrations and high audible noise in the speed region of 40 RPM to 70 RPM. It is known that, in BLDC motor, the torque is pulsating
I need a small circuit or chip to make a DC to DC converter (48v to 24V)(100mA).