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Only one I know of is this[/C
4 bit ripple counter using four D flip flops without using other components. Can you please help.........
Hi, I have drawn the diagram for the circuit. The diagram is self explanatory. The salient points are. 1) minimum 3 bit counter is required to count 5 bit stream. there are separate counters for counting '0' & '1' 2) The counters are -ve edge triggered ripple counters (...)
Check a few circuits and tutorials 7.9 Asynchronous (ripple) counters The 7493 IC Binary counter 3-bit binary counter : DIGITAL INTEGRATED CIRCUITS [url=www
I want to draw the output waveform for upcounting and downcounting mode for a 3 bit binary updown ripple counter using rising edge triggered D-Flip Flops and 2 to 1 multiplexers. Kindly help me. What will be impact on waveform if we have falling edge triggered D flip Flop
Consider a 1-bit slice (module) for an n-bit up/down counter There are two control inputs: cnt_en, and up/ down , controlling counting and direction respectively. How can I make a design for this module? I need to using D-Flip-Flops, and a minimum amount of NANDs and NORs gates as needed.
The normal approach I've seen for quadrature decoding is to use a state machine to convert quadrature signals into a count and direction signal and then feed those into a synchronous up/down counter. That seems a bit complicated, and it also requires the use of a continuously-running clock which is faster than the signals being counted (effectivel
Hi everyone Can anyone send/recommend me a Multisim model of a JK FF ripple 3-bit counter, prefereably with a RC reset switch? Is there any sample/example or even a similar 3bit JK FF ripple counter where i can refer to? I want to stimulate my workings in Multisim. Please help me, (...)
Hi everyone, Having problem with these questions, can someone help me please. Using the JK FF, design a ripple counter capable of implementing the counting sequence as below: F(x)={0,1,2,3,4,6,7} and repeats itself a) Explain the workings of the circuit with special emphasis on the additional circuit required to reset
Hi, I am designing ripple counter to generate a slow clock for low power design, I would like to know how do I design verilog RTL for loading pre determined value to all FF's, so that MSB bit go as a clock. right now I am writing RTL something like this always @(posedge clk or negedge reset_n or negedge load) if(reset_n == 1'b0) (...)
Dear, I want to Draw a logic diagram of a 4-bit binary ripple down counter using: (a) Flip-flops that trigger on the positive-edge of the clock And (b) flip-flops that trigger on the negative-edge of the clock.
Division by 3 using with J-K .. Of course, it is not possible to get a symmetrical (50% duty cycle) square wave with this circuit; B = 1/3 (33.333%) and A = 2/3 (66.667%). Regards, IanP
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