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First of all, hi everyone! I'm new in this community and this is going to be my first design as an Electrical Engineer. I'm getting perfect 12VAC signal with 1khz from this circuit. But when I try regulating this 12VAC to 6VDC 1Amps, I'm having huge voltage drops and regulator doesnt work. I think (...)
What I meant was laser security alarm, I saw some circuit that used ic 555 for timer and some circuit used ic 4071 for reset. What I want to ask is, is it possible to combine two ic (555 and 4017) in a circuit to have the laser security alarm a timer (...)
Hy. I want to construct a 555 timer that has a delay for 20 seconds and then it turns on for 1 second and it turns off for 20 second and repeats in a loop...
It's about factor 1000 beyond datasheet specified time intervals, so the you can't rely on the datasheet to determine if it's possible and how. It might work, possibly needing some protection means to isolate the large capacitor. But it's easier to refer to a timer that supports longer delays by design, e.g. a CMOS (...)
Hello, I am trying to build a simple form of single bit ROM (core rope memory) for illustration purposes.Before proceeding with the design, I am making some tests on a transformer. The picture shows a pulse comming out of a 555 timer, into one turn on the primary. The secondary is connected to an oscilloscope. Every time a pulse (...)
Instead of trying to design a HV transformer with a ferrite of unknown parameters, I would recommend to try a flybackblock from an old TV set operated on 12 VDC. A typical HV is 10-15 kv without load, and the switching transistor can be driven from a 555 timer with ~15 kHz. The HV blocks are also safe to (...)
Hey Guys My name is Dante , and i want to design and create a pc gamepad "GUN" that includes a motiontracker and a solenoid. An example of a motion tracking gun is : Half-Life 2 VR head and gun tracking mod for the Oculus Rift The motion (...)
There is really no need to incorporate a 555 timer into the design. Most microcontrollers, including PICs, can easily generate a pulse train or PWM and most tachometer designs do not require such signal to be an effective design. Typically tachometer (...)
This design allows you to vary the output level (using R5) and allows you to switch between square wave or sine output. You can easily design the 30kHz clock source with a 555 timer.
hello all, I want to design 555 timer, ie tlc555 internal circuit. I have internal circuit from data sheet and now to find w/l ratios for each mosfet. I need help on how to go about it, like what parameter to consider.I am attaching data sheet with this post so that you can have a look at (...)
im using Agilent ADS 2009. how to create a 555 timer? please help. im a newbie in this software.
these two componets are also used to design filters. capacitors are also used for dc battery stability (to eliminatea/c flutuations). caps are used for timing (by charging and discharging through resistors) in 555 timer circuits. etc
This is my voltage stabalizer that I found in one of those old analogue electronics book. Need it for my project and had built it but it didn't work 68931 I also need to use a h-bridge to convert my DC battery to AC sinewave. The circuit used is shown below 68932 I cant seem to get both of em' workin
How can I use a 555 timer IC and LM 386 in ADS? is there built in ICs or do I have to design them my self? and where can I get the schematics of the ICs?
hii, I have to design a flyback smps of o/p power 3W. I want to use 555 timer as PWM oscillator and control the duty cycle from 0 to 50% using control voltage. 1. In what configuration 555 timer will be configured, whether astable or monostable mode 2. How can i (...)
555 timer
Hi, Is it possible to design on/off timer with analog IC and components. For example I want the output of circuit 10 seconds high and 30 seconds low.(Period 40seconds frequency=0,025Hz Duty cycle=%25) . I know 555 and or some (...)
Hi, Any solid reason is there for choosing 4060 IC as an 3second monostable circuit. The same can be easily achived with 555 timer.
This page has the equations and a calculator 555 Calculator Also check 555 and 556 timer Circuits Alex
Yes, you just need a timer (e.g. 555) and a counter/logic circuit, that generates the pulse sequence for the stepper.