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Hi Please help I have done PWM using 555 timer and controlling duty cycle using potentiometer and its works but now I want to use an ldr to control the duty cylce. The final pwm output will be used to controll dc motor. My final circuit will sense light and run motor forward and back ward at a particular speed depending on light intensi
Dear MitParmar Hi consider that the area is dark , the resistance of ldr , will increase and then the Transistor , will be short circuit (approx) . Then 0.1 uf will have current ,(if BJt is off , the current of 0.1uf capacitor will be zero (because both side of it has same potential)). and then the 555 will work as a square wave generator at low
i am making a 555-ldr based circuit to go to the next slide on power point presentation when i point a laser to the ldr . i am geting a logic high when i do so. now how can make my mouse click or simulate ? a mechnical or simpler way would be to use a solenoid or sumthing similar and place right over my mouse . bt i want to do this using (...)
The ldr and 4.7K resistor ("resistor") form a voltage divider. There is a 5V drop across both (battery voltage). In the presence of light, the resistance of the ldr decreases, which results in more voltage (i.e., a greater proportion of the 5V) across the resistor. That triggers the 555. If you want to increase the sensitivity to light, (...)
Use Fire sensor (Using ldr or 555 timer circuit ), Intruder sensor(using IR), use a buzzer to indicate any danger, Use stepper motor to open and close the gate or use GSM to send message to owner or police station in case of emergency.
for this you have to connect it with the ldr tha a delay circuit and then a 555 timer it will gives you more accurate idea how the circuit hsould work