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555 model , timer 555 , 1hz 555 , 555 monostable
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The CMOS version of 555 has a supply current demand in a 100 uA order of magnitude, so it can't compete with the low power transistor circuit. 555 is designed for up to mhz rate, so it needs a higher bias current. But the output will a clean rail-to-rail squarewave.
Does mean 9 minutes 59 seconds 999 milliseconds? If that's true, then you probably need a 1 kHz clock, and you probably want it to be more accurate and stable than a 555 circuit. You could buy a crystal oscillator that is a convenient multiple of 1 kHz, and then divide it down to 1 kHz. For example, buy a 2.048 mhz oscillator and an 11-