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A 555 timer IC is an easy and common way to do what you are describing. Below is a method which is more or less When the input goes high, the capacitor begins to charge. After a second it reaches about 1.
G'day Mate, Bit tricky using passive components only! but depending on how accurate you need the 5 seconds a 555 timer should give reasonable results... remember to use an extended temp range part for automotive use... Follow the design of the mono-stable configuration as shown here... h
Hi, Welcome to the Wacky World of Electronics! My first thought is that you might have some problems getting this to work reliably with just a 555 as your time reference. First of all, it's very difficult to get accurate time delays of the length you need (9 hours). Over time everything will drift and your circuit won't know if its Saturday mor
use monostable circuit! u can learn more about the 555 timer on thousands of sites on the internet ! and even use/download the program by which u can automatically calculate component values for your required timeout check this :
Hi, In the net, you can search the 555 timer tutorial of Tony van Roon. It is clearly mentioned there and you can be clear about 555 timer. Thanks.
When the compressor stops you have the falling edge of 12V signal that operates the compressor .. You can use it (through a capacitive coupling) to trig the 555 timer (simple negative edge one-shot) to generate a 2-minute delay .. Then, you can connect the output of the 555 and the voltage that operates the compressor (...)
Read up on the 555 timer chip. This will give you the delay you need for a small LED to remain alight for say 30 seconds after you close the door. You will have to take a trigger from the courtisey light to activate the 555 timer
I need to build a simple delay off timer. When the input is triggered (pulse only) the output must go high and stay high for a period of say 1 hour or 4 hours or selectable. When the input is triggered again, the output timing is restarted. Any idea's? Would a 555 timer work? Not sure about the long (...)