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hi, To keep the cost down I would use a 555 timer as a PWM generator for each chain. For only 20mA per LED chain, from a 24Vdc source, a BJT or a 2N7000 MOSFET would be suitable. The frame frequency of the 555 PWM generator could be selected for each LED colour chain. Lots of simple (...)
Have you considered using the 555 timer IC as a pulse generator? It will provide up to 200 mA to your load. It is inexpensive and easy to use. - - - Updated - - - Sample configuration of 555 as a pulse generator. The resistors and capacitors at left determine the frequency. By altering (...)
The higher the frequency, the smaller the transformer. It's easy to find transformers for audio frequencies and they can be tiny. Any oscillator would work, even something based on a 555 timer. JP
Hi i would like to make an frequency generator using a 555 timer chip. The frequency should vary in the range of 100hz to 1kHz with a reasonable duty cycle (20-80%). I am using the circuit below. Varying r2 alone would not do the job because at r2=0 the duty cycle is 100%. I found out if i started (...)
Hi, I want to make a variable (0.2 Hz - 1kHz) clock/pulse generator AND display the generated frequency value (e.g. 1024 Hz) on a 16x2 LCD display or to 7-segment display. I was going to use a 555 timer with a potentiometer to vary the output frequency of the 555, but a friend told me the (...)
Hi, I need to generate a 10kHz triangular wave 0 to 5V level.. I ve the facility to generate a sqaure wave of desired frequency 0 to 5V level. I just need to convert it to trangular wave form.I ve 555 timer, some opamps if needed. Very tight linearity is not required.Its for testing purpposes..What can be a simple solution?
how can i use 555-timer as function generator..what suitable circuit for this title
hi, everybody.. I want to build a function generator by using 555 timer for signal generator and it capable of outputting a square wave with adjustable frequency in the ranges of 1Hz to 100Hz.. If anyone have an idea please let me know...thanks for your cooperation..:D
use 555 timer circuit
i want to build a digital clock using 555 timer,4518,7447 and segments. BUt the problem is I don't have any idea of that niether i found any appropiate schematics nor theory relating to it....:| so anyone of you can provide me some useful thory and if posible any schematic of it.:!: thankx in advance.... HAPPY NEW YEAR
If you think about precision frequency reference you should consider a crystal-based generator .. At that frequency level (500kHz generated by the 555 in astable configuration) you may expect frequency drifts of ≈ +/-1% and that will depend on the quality and type of the used components (mainly C) .. (...)
Take a look at this schematic: frequency = 1 / ( 0.693*C( R1 + R2 ) ) HTH
If your multimeter has "frequency" option you can employ 555 timer and build astabile generator (basic configuration). In this case capacitance can be calculated from the following equasion: C=1.44/(Ra+2Rb)*f Regards, IanP